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So you all know that promo pic of Merlin, where he's sitting in that tree? The one where he's being all hot? That's the wallpaper on my laptop. And it's led to a couple of interesting conversations with my family.

Convo 1:

My sister: Who's that guy on your computer?
Me: Merlin.
Sis: Oh. Is he gay? He looks sort of gay in that picture.
Me: No. Well, okay, yeah, maybe. I mean, you know, with Arthur and stuff.
Sis: Oh.
Me: Well, you know, they never come out and say it on the show, but it's sort of there. And there's the whole hidden magic thing that could be a metaphor for being gay.
Sis: Magic?
Me: Well yeah. He's Merlin.
Sis: blank look
Me: You know, Merlin and King Arthur.
Sis: blank look
Me: Merlin? Arthur? Guinevere? Lancelot? Knights of the Round Table?
Sis: Like the pizza place?
Me: O_O
Sis: Well, the King Arthur thing does sound kind of familiar, but I must have skipped over the Merlin stuff in my history book.
Me: eyebrow raise You skipped over the part about Merlin THE WIZARD in your history book?
Sis: Maybe not...

How do you get to be 18 years old and have no idea who Merlin and Arthur are? Not necessarily details or anything, but you know, some idea that there are legends that are sort of well known. It's not the first time I've been baffled by her not knowing something. I'm not sure what she's learning about at her school.

Convo 2:

Me: This is the picture Meg thinks Merlin looks gay in. I just thought he looked hot. Not that you can't be both, but when I look at it, it's really just the hot thing that I think of.
Mom: Well, he is sort of gay. Him and Arthur.
Me: laughs Mom, you've only seen the first four episodes.
Mom: HA! They get together later then?
Me: No. But, I mean, you know. They're them.
Mom: And Lancelot. He's gay, too.
Me: You haven't even seen that one yet!
Mom: smug He is, isn't he?
Me: ... no ...We'll watch it tomorrow.

Guys, it's been eight years and I still haven't convinced my mom of the epic love between Clark and Lex, but after four episodes she is totally convinced that Merlin and Arthur are boyfriends. Now I kind of want to talk to her about it, but it's my mom, I don't think I can do that. That would just be too weird.

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