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So you all know that promo pic of Merlin, where he's sitting in that tree? The one where he's being all hot? That's the wallpaper on my laptop. And it's led to a couple of interesting conversations with my family.

Convo 1: )

Convo 2: )

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Hi. One of these days I'll get back in the habit of checking my flist regularly. I hope. This every three or four days thing I've got going on really isn't working for me.

Anyhoo. I had a dream last night that I'm blaming mostly on [livejournal.com profile] geekgirlofdoom and the fact that I watched BSG before bed. I can't remember the exact details, but it involved Ed Helms painting vampire horses camo so Katee Sackhoff would fall in love with him.

We found out my grandpa might have lung cancer. That sucks donkey balls. He's going in to have test done later in the week to find out for sure, so we're trying not to worry about it too much. It's hard not to though. He's old and not really healthy to begin with. If he has to go through chemo... well, that won't be good. We had lunch with him and my grandma today. That was nice.

So, in less depressing news, Clinton is going to be on Countdown tonight and Obama is going to be on The Daily Show. And there's a new Bones and a new HOUSE! I am very excited about House. I missed my cranky doctor. I got bad info. There is no new House. LAME! Oh well. Bones is still new.

This post is so random. Sorry.

Well look at that, I only have 122 tabs open. That's not too bad.


Nov. 27th, 2007 04:43 pm
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Y HALO THAR FLIST! I don't think I've really properly been on LJ in about a week. Not for any good reason, really. I was busy with Thanksgiving and some family stuff, but it's just one of those things. The longer you stay off LJ, the easier it is to stay away. I'm a little scared to check my flist. I probably will just skim it to see what I've missed. If anyone posted any fic or anything awesome/horrible/hilarious happened and I'll want to see it, please link me so I don't miss it.

My Thanksgiving was good. 30 people is entirely too many to have in my house, but it's always nice to be around family. Last Friday I went to my cousin's baby shower. That was fun. And weird. It's hard to believe my cousin is going to be a mom.

I got caught up on most of my shows. Watched all of Spaced. Read some. I read The Last Dodo. It was okay. Martha makes everything nine billion times better just by being in it, so it was readable. I read the first two Twilight books. I'm about a third of the way through Eclipse. And that's basically how I spent my online away time.

Any way, I got on the computer today and found the internets had exploded re: S4 DW Spoiler. You know the one I'm talking about. And if you don't, you either don't want to know or are living under a rock. And if you're living under a rock how the hell are you getting internet? )

If anyone has a wishlist they haven't linked me to yet, please do it here. And if you want a card my card post is here.
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I think the easiest way to do this is with numbers.

1. I went to Eugene over the weekend for GG's memorial service. It was nice. Small. Just family. My uncle read the eulogy and my dad got up to say a few words. Good closure for everyone. I liked getting to see my extended family. I don't get so see them very often, so while I would have liked it to have been over something not so sad, it was good to see them. I liked hearing everyone's memories of her. She was a pretty awesome lady.

2. I spent all day Monday on the couch watching BBCA On Demand. Despite the fact that I am not a car girl, I found Top Gear to be quite enjoyable. Probably due to my deep love for Jeremy Clarkson. They turned a car into a space shuttle(sort of), what's not to love about that? And their American Road Trip was hilarious and terrifying. OH, and there was Simon Pegg, being adorable and talking about how C3P0 is gay.

3. My new coat did not arrive today. But I did get my writer's strike bracelets. I have about 20 of them, so if you're in the Portland/Vancouver area and want one, let me know. It goes nicely with my Wriststrong bracelet.

4. My mom and I went to the theater today to see The Menagerie. It was fun to watch Star Trek on the big screen. They redid some of the special effects, and they looked really good, but you know.... they redid the special effects. The cheese is part of why I like it so much. My mom and I discussed the fact that Jeffrey Hunter looks so much like Ray Liotta that she's convinced it's his dad.

So that's pretty much my life for the last few days.
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My brother got his first speeding ticket today. For going NINETY MILES AN HOUR. Okay, first of all, I didn't know his little '89 Ford Tempo could go 90, so I'm a little impressed. Secondly, when my parents questioned him on it, he said he didn't know he was going 90, his speedometer only goes to up to 82. That's not exactly the best excuse. *shakes head* 90. That's is just stupid.

I'm not shocked he was speeding though. He's 17. He likes to drive fast. He knows better when he's with me. I start yelling at him to slow down if he starts going over 40. Even if he's on the freeway. My dad is having his cop friend come over and give him a talking to. He's only allowed to drive to school and work and if my mom needs him to run errands, but I think he's getting off easy. He easily could have killed himself or someone else.
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My aunt Judy got a call last night that she should go to the nursing home because my great-grandmother wasn't doing well. She died early this morning. My mom was sick all night, so she pretty much had the worst day ever. I took the day off work so I could help out since she had the demon children all day today. They were actually pretty well behaved for most of the day. Thank goodness. So at some point I'm going to be heading back to Eugene for the memorial service.

In news that is in no way as bad as that, Comcast got rid of MSNBC. Which was just another crappy thing to add to an already crappy day. I went to watch the debate and got the weather channel. Apparently you need to get a cable box in order to get MSNBC, Hallmark, and Oxygen. I think that's bullshit, but whatever. The box is only a dollar a month, I'll get it, but it's still fucking lame. They couldn't have gotten rid of Fox News?
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Eugene was pretty good. We stayed with my mom's aunt and uncle in Vida. They have a great house right on the McKenzie River. Their basement is basically an apartment. There's a little kitchen and everything. And a pool table.

We had a birthday lunch for my great-grandma (GG) on Sunday. It was fun to see family members I hadn't seen for a while. My cousin, Patrick, has abandoned me and gotten his drivers license. Now I'm all alone in my lameness. It was sad though. GG was moved into a nursing home a few months ago. She's not sick, but she is old and needs a wheelchair and oxygen. Her memory is failing too. She asked my dad who the man was sitting next to him and when he explained that it was my brother she acted like she didn't believe him. She also asked if Steven had a girlfriend. Steven is her grandson who's been married for about twenty years. It's one of those things where you have to laugh or you'll end up crying.

It's hard for my mom. She had a pretty crummy childhood and her grandmother pretty much raised her, so they're close. She goes down almost every weekend to spend time with her. I was glad I got to go down and see her one last time.

And the Ducks won. That's always going to make my family happy. :)
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Got back from Bellevue yesterday. It was fun. My grandpa turned 80 and my sister turned 21, so all the family came up. Except for one of my uncles, who decided going to San Fran for a baseball game was more important than his father's birthday.

Saturday night we had a big dinner at my aunt's house. We had Mexican and most of my relatives were pretty drunk tipsy by the end of the night. They were amusing, in an Oh My God, You're My Aunt, I Don't Want To Ever Think About You Having Sex Please Stop Talking sort of way. On Sunday we went on a cruise around Lake Washington. It was very informative. And we got to go past Bill Gates' house. Mostly I just like spending time with my extended family, so we could have just hung out at my aunt's and I would have been fine.

My sister went out with some of her friends last night after we got back. Apparently she was very hungover this morning. :)

I caught up with my flist earlier today, but it was a little overwhelming, so I didn't leave many comments. If there's anything you desperately wanted me to comment on and I didn't, go ahead and give me a link.
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I just got back from an elementary school talent show. It wasn't too bad. The fourth grader who did her stand up comedy routine about Mother Goose rhymes was a little scary. There was this one kid in the first grade who played Beethoven. It was crazy. He didn't even use music he had it memorized. And TWO different kids did things with bongos. Which is awesome, but I didn't know the bongos were so big in Vancouver. My favorite (other than my sister) was the kid who dressed up as Spiderman and sang the theme song. He was awesome. No one messed up horribly and no one fell off the stage. I'm sure it makes me a bad person that I was hoping for that, but I can't really be bothered to care.
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My sister sent me the best card ever! )

Just in case you don't obsessively check The News Hole like I do, here's a link to an interview of Keith. Including an adorable pic of him. *pets Keith*

[livejournal.com profile] fandom_counts is over 27,000 members. That's pretty impressive.
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Apparently, my dad's boss is giving our family a trip to Mexico. In December we'll go down to Puerto Vallarta for five days. If my dad isn't making the whole thing up. Which, you know, is possible. My dad does stuff like that sometimes. It could be fun. It could also be an unmitigated disaster. You never can tell with my family.

I really want to go see PotC 3, but my mom is busy and we can't. I could go with my brother tonight (well, probably not since we don't have tickets yet), but I'd feel bad seeing it without her. We saw the first and second ones together, it's one of our things.

I watched Doctor Who )
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A little boy at the park just told one of my sisters that my other sister was the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen. Where do 10 year olds get this stuff?
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In case anyone was wondering, I know what my brother's conversation with my dad was about. It was about siphoning water off the tarp on my dad's boat. See. Not nearly as interesting as what we were all thinking. *g* I'm still going to slash him with his friend.

Should The Governator pardon Paris Hilton? Dear lord, I hope that doesn't happen. Paris in jail is AWESOME.

ETA: Have a desperate need to know how tall Jensen Ackles really is? This site will tell you. I've been spending WAY too much time looking people up.
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Anderson apologizes for the duck comments on Friday. I thought it was funny. Horrible, but funny. Quack.

It's wrong to slash my brother with his friend, right? I overheard this conversation today:

Brother on the phone with Dad: No dad. I suck on it and Stephen sticks it in.

Dad: *says something on the phone*

Brother: I'm not going to get any diseases, Dad. I don't swallow.

I have NO CLUE what they were talking about, and to be honest, I don't really want to know. There's no way it's as interesting.
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I went to the Home and Garden Fair with my mom today. I don't even like to garden, but we go every year. We drive to the mall and then take the shuttle to the fairground. It's one of our "big" adventures together every year (the other being Vegas. PS: We're going to the ST convention this year. WE'RE DORKS). Last year I coudn't go because of work, and I was upset. About missing a gardening fair. So, as you can see, I'm kind of a big freak. Anyway. It was fun. The shuttle we took was number 815, so I was slightly worried we were going to crash and somehow end up on a magical island full of creepy smoke monsters and hot half-naked guys, but we got there okay. My mom bought this mop she's wanted to get for years. YEARS. Every time we go she freaks out over this mop, but she never buys it, and then whines about it for the rest of the year. So she got it. If she hadn't, I probably would have beaten her with a garden gnome or something.

We talked about my dad, who might be getting a nine to five job. Which is a terrifying thought. For as long as I can remember my dad has worked nights. For the last twelve years he's been the bar manager at a restaurant. And that's required him working at night Tuesday through Saturday. And now he's suddenly thinking about becoming a paper salesman. PAPER SALESMAN! Now, no offense to any paper salespeople on my flist, but that's no where near as cool as being an awesome bartender. And the thought of having my dad home in the evenings is weird. One of the reasons we all get along with him so well is because we don't actually spend that much time with him. He's my dad and I love him, but don't need to spend all that much time hanging out with him.

Then again, if he's a "paper salesman" like Mr. Benent, then I won't complain. That would be pretty awesome.


Apr. 26th, 2007 05:43 pm
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My mom decided she had to get the roof on the gazebo up now so I missed the last 20 minutes of the debate.
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My sister just said he looks like Ross Perot.
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I was productive this weekend. And yet, at the same time, I feel like I didn't really do anything.

Saturday started out normal. I was straightening my room and decided to finally clear out the stuff under my sister's bed. When my sister moved out we decided that we could clear all her stuff out and I could do what I wanted with the space. And I've only had a box sitting on her bed since Christmas waiting for me to get to work. I got everything cleaned out and found that a few of the boards supporting the mattress board had fallen. I thought I'd just put the boards back in place and I'd get rid of the bed some other time. But putting the boards back involved taking off the mattress, the foam pads and the mattress board. By the time I'd gotten all that off the bed my mom had come in and told me I should just take the bed apart now so we can get rid of it. I got the bed taken apart and stacked in the corner so we could take it to our storage unit today.

After I did that I needed to clean under my bed so it could be taken apart on Sunday. Now, saying I'm a bit of a pack rat is like saying it's a little cold in Antarctica, so this was a fairly daunting task. I found copies of my junior high newspaper in there. I was in junior high over ten years ago. Needless to say, A LOT of stuff got chucked. I originally had three drawers (stolen from an old sidetable), a clothes basket filled with shoes, one regular sized rubbermaid box, one big rubbermaid box and two small rubbermaid boxes. All with crap in them. I managed to get rid enough of enough stuff to get it down to two regular sized rubbermaid boxes. I was very proud of myself. I don't think I was ever going to look at that ethics quiz from sophomore year again anyway. So that was Saturday.

Sunday involved taking my bed apart, which was easier said than done. My bed was pretty old. It was my cousin's before it was mine, and I've had it for almost seven years. It was all rusted and gross. No fun there. My mom and brother went to go get rid of the beds and my sisters crap, and get the good bed from the storage unit while I vacuumed my room. They came back and we were taking the frame and stuff upstairs and of course I fell and hurt my ankle. (I swear I'd be a great companion for the Doctor) It hurt, but after a minute I was able to move around okay. We got my bed all put together and my sheets and stuff in the wash. Then I got to try to find places for all the stuff littering my floor. Finally around 9:00 Sunday night I got everything put away and my bed made.

My weekend was supposed to be me spending time with my computer and catching up on SG1. Instead I spent two days cleaning it. I'm pretty happy with it. Even if it's not totally done.

Still to do:
Clean out bedside table
Clean out green crate things
Clean out my dresser
Get a new comfy chair for reading corner
Get a new bookshelf

I took pictures. I'll post them someday if I ever get around to uploading them.
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Happy Boxing Day y'all. I'm glad to see that you all survived Christmas.

My Christmas was pretty awesome. Except having to wake up at 6:30 in the morning because my littlest sister is still 8 and can't actually sleep past then on Christmas morning. We opened presents and I got a totally cool orangutan doll that giggles at you, and I named it The Librarian. It is awesome and I loves it. Also, the first season of Atlantis (yays), so now I can watch the fun commentaries and fangirl David Hewlitt.

Then I took a three hour nap. Does it really count as a nap if it lasts that long? Anyway I was tired.

Then we went to my Grandma's house, which is always my favorite part of Christmas. I like spending time with my extended family. We don't usually have much drama, so it's all good times. The house looked all pretty and Christmasy and the family was crazy, as usual. My Aunt Maree got this crazy ass life size lamb statue thing. It's pretty funny. We all laughed.

Then after dinner we went home and I went to bed. I love Christmas and family is fun and all, but it is exhausting.

I am kind of glad it's over, just because now the retail job will be so much easier to go to. Yay for not as much craziness and normal hours again! \0/

Now that Doomsday aired over here, I was going to do this long ranty post about it, and how it really pisses me off, but I'm lazy and can't be bothered now. Maybe later. After I've watched Runaway Bride.


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