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So you all know that promo pic of Merlin, where he's sitting in that tree? The one where he's being all hot? That's the wallpaper on my laptop. And it's led to a couple of interesting conversations with my family.

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HA HA! Last night I dreamed Mike Rowe friended my journal.

It's supposed to be 90 here today. :( TOO HOT.

So yesterday was a looooong day at work, and my mom new I wasn't looking forward to it, so when she took my sisters shopping she bought me a Wembley doll. :) I love my mom. She's so awesome.

ETA: Here's a link that made me smile. They match! I really like that shade of blue.

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I got my new power cord. Actually, I got it on Monday morning, but I've been lazy and haven't really been on.

I had a good Easter. We went to my uncle's house this year. We usually go to my Aunt Liz's, but she took her boys to the beach for their spring break. It was nice. There's a lot more room at my uncle's. Which is good since there were eighteen people there. I got to see my little cousin. He's ten months and he's ADORABLE. Seriously. It's a little disgusting how cute he is.

My mom got a new car. It's a green 2001 Subaru Outback. It's real shiny, y'all. We went to the mall and the library today, and I had fun pushing all the buttons, like a five year old. My mom has wanted that car for a long time, so I'm happy for her. And if you guys want to know where I get my dorkiness from, I should tell you that since it's green, she named it Ollie. Because she's obsessed with the Green Arrow. I love my mom.

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I went to the Home and Garden Fair with my mom today. I don't even like to garden, but we go every year. We drive to the mall and then take the shuttle to the fairground. It's one of our "big" adventures together every year (the other being Vegas. PS: We're going to the ST convention this year. WE'RE DORKS). Last year I coudn't go because of work, and I was upset. About missing a gardening fair. So, as you can see, I'm kind of a big freak. Anyway. It was fun. The shuttle we took was number 815, so I was slightly worried we were going to crash and somehow end up on a magical island full of creepy smoke monsters and hot half-naked guys, but we got there okay. My mom bought this mop she's wanted to get for years. YEARS. Every time we go she freaks out over this mop, but she never buys it, and then whines about it for the rest of the year. So she got it. If she hadn't, I probably would have beaten her with a garden gnome or something.

We talked about my dad, who might be getting a nine to five job. Which is a terrifying thought. For as long as I can remember my dad has worked nights. For the last twelve years he's been the bar manager at a restaurant. And that's required him working at night Tuesday through Saturday. And now he's suddenly thinking about becoming a paper salesman. PAPER SALESMAN! Now, no offense to any paper salespeople on my flist, but that's no where near as cool as being an awesome bartender. And the thought of having my dad home in the evenings is weird. One of the reasons we all get along with him so well is because we don't actually spend that much time with him. He's my dad and I love him, but don't need to spend all that much time hanging out with him.

Then again, if he's a "paper salesman" like Mr. Benent, then I won't complain. That would be pretty awesome.


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