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So you all know that promo pic of Merlin, where he's sitting in that tree? The one where he's being all hot? That's the wallpaper on my laptop. And it's led to a couple of interesting conversations with my family.

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Guys, this is kind of weird and really embarrassing, but I want John Sheppard and Arthur Pendragon to run away and be pretty pretty princesses together.

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I watched the first four episodes of Merlin. OMG, I love it. MERLIN AND ARTHUR ARE IN LOVE FOR REAL. I want an icon with both of them that has little hearts going around them, because that is what I see when I watch them. Also, Morgana/Gwen is epic epic win. Please tell me there's loads of fic for it. Also, I ship Gwen/Merlin and Arthur/Morgana. Basically I want OT4 orgies all over Camelot. Plus, there's Giles. I'm easy for Giles.

Speaking of Giles, I also watched the first episode of Totally Not A Buffy Rip-offDemons. Is Philip Glenister doing that HORRID American accent as payback for all the shitty British accents we have over here? Because it's really awful. Does it get any better as the show goes on? Does THE SHOW get any better as the show goes on? I mean, I'll still watch it, because it's ridiculous, but I was just wondering.


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