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I have a sickness. I am physically incapable of going into a bookstore and not buying anything. I went to Barnes and Noble with my mom and sisters because Caity was doing this book thing where if she read 8 books she got 1 for free. I wasn't planning on buying anything, but the books were just there. And then they were in my hand and then I was buying them. I'm not sure how it happened. Anyway, I managed to pick up Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (now my flist can leave me alone ;)), a Doctor Who book The Last Dodo by Jaqueline Rayner (Martha!), The first volume of The Sandman (I'm not sure why I don't own these already. I remember borrowing the first couple from a friend, but then I moved and never finished the series), and The Areas of my Expertise by one Mr. John Hodgman (I was quite pleased that the first page I turned to had a Doctor Who picture on it). I feel kind of guilty. I really shouldn't be spending my money on books, but they're all shiny and new and smell so booky. I couldn't resist.

Please to be noting that it is kind of embarrassing if you are looking at Doctor Who books and your phone goes off when your phone makes TARDIS noises.

My sister just came in my room and found me listening to her Panic! At the Disco CD. Then I had to admit I also stole her Fall Out Boy CD. *shakes fist* Damn you bandslash! I feel shame. But not that much.

Aww. Neil Patrick Harris is on Jeopardy right now... He WON! YAY NEIL!


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