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I killed the power cord to Jumper One. D: Not cool. I ordered a new one from Dell, but I don't know how long it will take to get here. Super lame. I had plans for my days off that involved my computer and now I can't do it. It's made me sort of cranky all day.

Ooo! Anderson just said that Kathy Griffin is going to be on! I love her.
For today's VERY SPECIAL Valentine's edition, I give you Anderson Cooper in a leather shop.

And because I'm so awesome, Saved by the Bell. Jessie is SO EXCITED! )

Oh, and in case you missed it, THE INDIANA JONES TRAILER!!!! I came.


Feb. 13th, 2008 10:18 pm
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In case you missed The Shot of the Day on Friday, here's Anderson and Erica being adorable. Again.


Erica joining 360! EEEE! I'm kind of super excited about that.
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Guys! OMG! I went to BBC America OnDemand to see if they had any new Coupling episodes and found that they put the first three episodes of the second series of Life On Mars up! WOO! *licks Gene Hunt* Not that Sam Tyler isn't totally awesome, but Gene is Gene. And pwns everyone in his path.

Randomly, do you want to know what happens when you spend all day watching MSNBC, CNN, Fake news, and Conan, and eat a bunch of cheese before you go to bed? You have fucked up dreams. That's what.

In the first one, I was in some gay German disco (thanks Conan!) with a friend and got really excited because I saw Jon and Stephen there. And honest to God, Stephen was in a mesh tank top and leather pants. In the second one I was Chris Matthews (that means it qualifies as nightmare, right?). And I was sitting with Keith doing primary coverage, but Keith's phone kept going off. Finally I stole it from him and he was getting dirty text messages from Anderson Cooper.

Now, I have two problems with these dreams. One, I WAS CHRIS MATTHEWS! And two, I have a dream that involves mesh tank tops and leather pants and Anderson is in the other one. EPIC FAIL brain. Epic fail.
I realized that I never showed you pictures of Anderbear once he got his suit. Here you go.

"Going gray is like ejaculating: you know it can happen prematurely, but when it does it comes as a total shock."  )

Maybe if I get bored I'll have Anderbear inverview Lexbear or makeout with Superbear or something.
I think most of you know about John Barrowman being on the cover of Out magazine this month. Here is some of the stuff that didn't make it into the article. There is a casting spoiler for S2 (No not that one. The OTHER casting spoiler.) And a small plot point having to do with said casting spoiler, but nothing that gives the plot away.

A few other links:
Want to have nightmares tonight?

So much win.

OMG, Anderson and Erica are extra cute tonight!

Is it almost time for Jon and Stephen to come back?
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HAHAHA! Oh man. It's a lot of fun to put celebrity names into the ANAGRAMER!

For instance:

Anderson Cooper: Coarsened Porno, A Cornered Snoop, A Censored Porno, Nor Capered Soon, Creased On Porno, Dance Poorer Son, Rope Dancer Soon, Cared Ones Porno... okay, you get the idea. I just really like all the porno ones.

Keith Olbermann: Terminable Honk, Anklebone Mirth, Bleaker Moth Inn (Not someplace I'd stay), Him Knot Enabler, Hot Mink Enabler, Or Thinkable Men, Nor Helm Beatnik, Hi Trek Nobleman, Ramble One Think... I really like Anklebone Mirth and I'm not sure why.

Jon Stewart: Jaws Rotten, Jars Not Wet, Rant To Jews, Tan Jews Rot, At Wrens Jot (I don't know what a 'jot' is, just Wren has one), Aw Jet Snort,

Stephen Colbert: Blotch Pretense, Top Tern Belches, Benches Pert Lot, Stop Lent Breech, Enter Belch Post, Berth Colts Peen... Oh, Peen.

David Tennant: Invent Dad Tan, Vend and Taint... okay David's wasn't very interesting.

Freema Agyeman: Manage Rye Fame, Any Meager Fame, Agree Many Fame, Gay Enema Frame, Yearn Mega Fame, Gayer Fame Name, Fear Gamey Name, Gay Fem Men Area, Ye Manage Me Afar

George Bush: Grubs Ego Eh, Her Ego Bugs, Uh Begs Gore, He Bugs Gore

David Hewlett: Hit Dad Twelve, Hi Twaddle Vet, Wild Vet Death, Waved Tit Held, DWELT THE DIVA (OMG, my favorite), That Devil Wed, That Lewd Dive

Joe Flaningan: Of Ninja Angel, Inane Flan Jog, Ego Flan Ninja, Enjoin Fan Gal, Gonna Jail Fen (HEE), A Glen Of Ninja, Anal Fen Jog In... okay, there are a lot of Flan ones.

I am Lord Voldemort: Maim Overlord Dolt, A Mild Tom Overlord

I cant STOP. I keep adding more names. Someone take my internet!
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Last year, my mom and I decided that we were going to go to Build-A-Bear every year when we were in Vegas. I made a Lex bear and a Superman bear. I'm trying to decide what kind of bear I want to make this year. Help me decide.

This Friday Poll is srs bzns! )

In other news, I forgot to tape Anderson on The View this morning. Did anyone catch it? Was he adorable? Did he discuss premature ejaculation?
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CNN Debates = Awesome. There were some very good questions, and some clearly insane people, but I enjoyed the whole thing. Plus, there was Andersnark. FABULOUS!

In super squeeful news, I got my tickets to the Las Vegas Star Trek convention today! I'm getting very excited about it. 17 days! *bounces* My mom and I are doing a Star Trek bingo thing that I think will be fun, and my mom is getting photos and autographs with Casey Biggs and Connor Trinnear (OMG TRIP!!!!). I'm getting my photo with Avery Brooks (BESTEST CAPTAIN EVER) and autograph from Wil Wheaton. It's gonna be the highlight of my summer.

I don't think anyone on my flist is going, but if you are, OMG LET ME KNOW!
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My mom and I went to go see Harry Potter again and I have a few not really at all spoilery comments )

In 360 news, Anderson had a dancing Larry King thing on his show. That was... disturbing. But then Anderson and Erica were cute. Apparently Pottery Barn ships them (can't blame them for that). Then he made PUPPY DOG NOISES. Good lord. It's not fair that one man is so excellent. HOLY CRAP! BIONIC DOG! Crazypants.

HAHAHA. I had to add this. There are many reasons why I love Wil Wheaton. This is one
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Harry Potter was freaking awesome. Even thought they had to cut a lot of stuff, I still thought it was excellent. And pretty scary. I wouldn't take my little sister to see it in the theater. Ginny = Freaking awesome pants. Squared. Luna is fantastic and I will continue to ship her and Harry until the day the books and movies are pried from my cold dead hands. (Umm. Let's pretend I have ginormous hands. [BTW, ginormous is toally a word now. It's going in the dictionary.]) None of that is spoilery for the movie, just so you know. Unless you didn't know Ginny or Luna would be in the movie. In which case, where exactly is your rock and how many people can fit under it? I'll probably post my spoilery thoughts tomorrow. While I'm at work. That way I know I have something to do.

There was a preview for Get Smart. I have an insane amount of love for that show, and I'm super excited about the movie. And not just because Steve Carrell is in it. Well, no, that's mostly it. I think he'll be an excellent Maxwell Smart. The opening of the trailer just had a phone booth at first, and I figured out what movie it was for and started bouncing. My mom, bless her heart, turned to me and asked if that was supposed to be the "Targus" from that show I liked so much. Despite how many shows we watch together, I can't get her to watch Doctor Who.

Completely unrelated note: I don't approve of guest hosts who aren't Alison Stewart. Monica Novotny is okay, but I really don't like this Amy woman. *sniff* Alison, I know you have that job at NPR now, but I like you. Come back

And, there was no Manderson. One can only assume that he and Keith went on a date to the Harry Potter movie. Yes, that is clearly the most reasonable answer. Please stop looking at me like that.
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So, yesterday was crappy. Well, the day went fine. It was last night that sucked. I have an agreement with my sisters that I'll leave the TV in the family room alone during the day if I can have it from 10 till midnight.

I'm up in my room, watching TV or something in there and it's 9:55 so I unplug my laptop and head downstairs. I plug it in, and nothing happens. So at some point between when I unplugged it in my room, and plugging it in downstairs, something broke. I can't get the plug to work. And the battery only lasts about 2 hours, so I don't want to use my laptop unless I have too. Needless to say, I'm extremely annoyed and pissed.

It doesn't help that Anderson's whole freaking show was about Paris Hilton. Way make my night even more annoying, Anderpants. You're ON NOTICE, too.

Jon and Stephen at least made me feel better, by being funny and adorable. Also, Dan and Keith were fantastic and they actually switched seats half way through, and I love them lots. And Dave called one of them Dan Olbermann, but I wasn't looking at the screen so I don't know which one. I'm going to assume it was Dan, and he and Keith got married. Because that thought makes me happy.

ZOMG! This news almost makes everything better.
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And I feel that I should regularly remind you of it: Anderson Cooper = ♥

PS: Erica Hill is pretty.
We're having a debate over whether Anderson Cooper's hair is silver or grey.

PS: The answer is SILVER!
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OMG ANDY! The sound effects! How are you so cute?

I like "What Were They Thinking?" Anderson and Erica should just do the whole damn show together. OH NOES! NOT YOUR TIVO! HOW DO YOU LIVE, ANDY? HOW DO YOU LIVE?

"He's no Clay Aiken." Oh, Andy.
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This post is all about the love.

Keith loves Dan the most. Like this was ever in doubt.

I kind of love Tony Snow, a little.

Joe Scarborough was laughing at his fighting guests and drinking Starbucks, yesterday. This is why I'm in love with him.

Anderson and Erica are lovely BFFs.

I love it when Simon flirts with winks at Ryan on American Idol.

I love that Jordin loves Mmmbop. *misses Amelia A LOT*

I love Chase's horrible tie/shirt combos

I love Evil Cun...ning women. More importantly, so does House.

I love Mini!McKay.

Foreman's lavender scrubs are love.

General Jon and Stephen love. Especially Stephen's laser eyes!
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I got [livejournal.com profile] triptnx addicted to Anderson Cooper and she posted some AnderSpam that made my day.

"You're So Damn Hot" by OK Go was written about John Sheppard. TRUFAX

Twitter has taken over my life. God. Thanks a lot, David Hewlett.

I watched the last two minutes of Batman Returns today. Reminded me that Batman is way better than Superman.

I can't find the Supernatural Origins comic anywhere. I think I'm going to have to order it online. *sad face*

I did get the third Buffy comic! YAY!

Oh! I don't think I mentioned that I got my new glasses yesterday.

Piccies! )

About three months ago I did a meme where I asked you to give me something to take pictures of. I suppose you want me to post the results, don't you. )

MY AUNT HAD HER BABY! It's a boy, but there's no word on the name yet.
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OMG! Anderson Cooper and Erica Hill were talking about The Wonder Twins! They are too cute together. I would like to run away with the two of them. Perhaps some place tropical.

Guys, my love for Jon will never die. The overalls? The Jew-fro? THAT SHIRT!? He's awesome squared. He's the president of The Island of Awesome. John Oliver can join me on the island.

I like Reza Aslan. He's smart. And cute. He can also come to the island.

Hee. TOSS! *hearts wavey Stephen*

OH HOLY GOD! Stephen! That is the most excellent music video I have EVER SEEN! I want to watch it every day. If Jon is the president of The Island of Awesome, you can totally be the Prime Minister. Stephen Colbert, Prime Minister of AWESOME!


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