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HAHAHA! Oh man. It's a lot of fun to put celebrity names into the ANAGRAMER!

For instance:

Anderson Cooper: Coarsened Porno, A Cornered Snoop, A Censored Porno, Nor Capered Soon, Creased On Porno, Dance Poorer Son, Rope Dancer Soon, Cared Ones Porno... okay, you get the idea. I just really like all the porno ones.

Keith Olbermann: Terminable Honk, Anklebone Mirth, Bleaker Moth Inn (Not someplace I'd stay), Him Knot Enabler, Hot Mink Enabler, Or Thinkable Men, Nor Helm Beatnik, Hi Trek Nobleman, Ramble One Think... I really like Anklebone Mirth and I'm not sure why.

Jon Stewart: Jaws Rotten, Jars Not Wet, Rant To Jews, Tan Jews Rot, At Wrens Jot (I don't know what a 'jot' is, just Wren has one), Aw Jet Snort,

Stephen Colbert: Blotch Pretense, Top Tern Belches, Benches Pert Lot, Stop Lent Breech, Enter Belch Post, Berth Colts Peen... Oh, Peen.

David Tennant: Invent Dad Tan, Vend and Taint... okay David's wasn't very interesting.

Freema Agyeman: Manage Rye Fame, Any Meager Fame, Agree Many Fame, Gay Enema Frame, Yearn Mega Fame, Gayer Fame Name, Fear Gamey Name, Gay Fem Men Area, Ye Manage Me Afar

George Bush: Grubs Ego Eh, Her Ego Bugs, Uh Begs Gore, He Bugs Gore

David Hewlett: Hit Dad Twelve, Hi Twaddle Vet, Wild Vet Death, Waved Tit Held, DWELT THE DIVA (OMG, my favorite), That Devil Wed, That Lewd Dive

Joe Flaningan: Of Ninja Angel, Inane Flan Jog, Ego Flan Ninja, Enjoin Fan Gal, Gonna Jail Fen (HEE), A Glen Of Ninja, Anal Fen Jog In... okay, there are a lot of Flan ones.

I am Lord Voldemort: Maim Overlord Dolt, A Mild Tom Overlord

I cant STOP. I keep adding more names. Someone take my internet!
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What house do you think I'm in? )
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It took 11 hours but I read the whole book in one day )

I honestly don't know what I'm going to do now that it's all over. I hope Rowling decides she isn't done with this world after all. I really wouldn't mind a Mauraders book. Or Hogwarts, A History.


Jul. 20th, 2007 01:33 pm
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Once I leave work (in a half hour, WOO!) I'm going on my HP hiatus. I probably won't post anything until I'm finished with the book, but if there's something I can't wait to comment on, I'll put up a cut with something like "Spoilers through page 256" as the text. PLEASE, for the love of all that is holy, don't spoil me for things beyond whatever page it says I'm on.

If I'm feeling snarky or something, I might post some ridiculous spoiler as the cut. Like, "OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE SIRIUS WAS WAITING ON ATLANTIS FOR REMUS." But no actual spoilers.

Bring it, Rowling!
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Friday poll time. Since Harry Potter is coming out tonight, I thought I'd do a Harry Potter themed poll. There are no spoilers in the poll, so don't worry. And I'm totally unspoiled, so if you've read spoilers, please don't post anything in the comments.

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My mom and I went to go see Harry Potter again and I have a few not really at all spoilery comments )

In 360 news, Anderson had a dancing Larry King thing on his show. That was... disturbing. But then Anderson and Erica were cute. Apparently Pottery Barn ships them (can't blame them for that). Then he made PUPPY DOG NOISES. Good lord. It's not fair that one man is so excellent. HOLY CRAP! BIONIC DOG! Crazypants.

HAHAHA. I had to add this. There are many reasons why I love Wil Wheaton. This is one
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Harry Potter was freaking awesome. Even thought they had to cut a lot of stuff, I still thought it was excellent. And pretty scary. I wouldn't take my little sister to see it in the theater. Ginny = Freaking awesome pants. Squared. Luna is fantastic and I will continue to ship her and Harry until the day the books and movies are pried from my cold dead hands. (Umm. Let's pretend I have ginormous hands. [BTW, ginormous is toally a word now. It's going in the dictionary.]) None of that is spoilery for the movie, just so you know. Unless you didn't know Ginny or Luna would be in the movie. In which case, where exactly is your rock and how many people can fit under it? I'll probably post my spoilery thoughts tomorrow. While I'm at work. That way I know I have something to do.

There was a preview for Get Smart. I have an insane amount of love for that show, and I'm super excited about the movie. And not just because Steve Carrell is in it. Well, no, that's mostly it. I think he'll be an excellent Maxwell Smart. The opening of the trailer just had a phone booth at first, and I figured out what movie it was for and started bouncing. My mom, bless her heart, turned to me and asked if that was supposed to be the "Targus" from that show I liked so much. Despite how many shows we watch together, I can't get her to watch Doctor Who.

Completely unrelated note: I don't approve of guest hosts who aren't Alison Stewart. Monica Novotny is okay, but I really don't like this Amy woman. *sniff* Alison, I know you have that job at NPR now, but I like you. Come back

And, there was no Manderson. One can only assume that he and Keith went on a date to the Harry Potter movie. Yes, that is clearly the most reasonable answer. Please stop looking at me like that.
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I'm seeing Harry Potter in 6 hours! WOO!

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when Jon did that thing on Iraq operation names? Here's a list of them.

A list of some of my favorites:

Operation Planet X
Operation Devil Thrust
Operation Rapier Thrust - What's with all the thrusting? I think someone's been reading too much fanfic
Operation Gimlet Crusader - I am the Gimlet Crusader! Where's the bar?
Operation Mandarin Squeeze - Sounds like a smoothie at Jamba Juice, doesn't it? The Iraqis will love us if we just give them delicious citrus beverages!
Operation Rock Bottom - Hahahahaha. Truth in advertising.
Operation Therapist - Kind of speaks for itself.
Operation Thunder Cat - HO!

I kind of want to be the Official Operation Namer. I would be good at it. Operation TARDIS, Operation Puddlejumper, Operation Horcrux, Operation Pineapple, and my favorite, Operation Let's Get The Hell Out Of Here.
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Order of the Phoenix comes out tonight! I will be seeing it tomorrow night with my mom. I can't wait! Deathly Hallows comes out in a little over a week. I have my copy reserved at Borders.

And [livejournal.com profile] onmycrew is doing a Harry Potter Friending meme

Go check it out and make some new friends!


Jul. 5th, 2007 06:16 pm
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I have given up trying to convert my sister into a Scissor Sisters fan. If you can't find it in your heart to bop around to "I Don't Feel Like Dancin" then there is no hope for you.

Today I had a grasshopper on my knee today. Scared the crap out of me. I'm not afraid of bugs or anything, but I had an itch on my knee, and when I pulled my skirt up to scratch it, the grasshopper was just there. Sitting there all, "What's up? I'm a giant grasshopper and I wanted to scare you half to death. WHY IS THAT HAND COMING TOWARDS ME? OH GOD! PLEASE DON'T HUR-" And that's where it stopped because I slapped it off my knee as fast as I could. We found it on the floor of the car when I got to work, it appeared to be fine. Hopped out of the car, hopefully to find some foxy lady grasshoppers and have a good time. Or sexy grasshopper dudes. I don't know which it would prefer and I don't want to be hatin'. I'm glad the grasshopper was okay, I felt kind of bad for smacking it around.

What day does the Harry Potter movie come out? My mom's calendar has it on both the 11th and 13th. Not that it matters since I probably won't see it for a few weeks after it comes out anyway, but I like to know these things.
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My dad loves me! He brought home this strawberry shortcake dessert thing. But it's like strawberry shortcake x 1,000,000 on the yummy scale. The cake has some sort of cream cheese filling and there's chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate sauce on top. It's like the greatest thing of all time. And I'm pretty sure I gained 5 lbs eating it, and it's so good, I don't even care. Also, there's a bit of a sugar high going on. WHHEEEE!

OH MY GOD. Paul Rudd rocks my world.

ETA: That Colbert guy is pretty good too. GOD MACHINE!
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What was the best part of last nights American Idol? When my mom looked over at me and asked if Chris and Blake were dating. Now if I can just convince her about House and Wilson, my life will be complete.

1. Use fanfiction.net's Search Story By Summary and look up your name in either Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.

2. If there are any Mary Sues that share your name, pick the worst-sounding ones and post the summary.

Cutted 4 ur portecshun )

If you guys loved me, you'd take these summaries and write me fic. That way we can laugh forever and ever.
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Does anyone kind of think Luna Lovegood looks like a female Draco Malfoy? Just me? Alright. Never mind.
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This weeks [livejournal.com profile] fannish5

Who are your five favorite fictional teachers or mentors?

1. Bra'tac (SG1) - Are there people who don't think Bra'tac is the bomb dot com? I live in eternal fear that they will some day kill him off. From the very first time we met him and he pretended to bite Daniel to The Teal'c & Bra'tac Mutual Admiration Society, I love the old coot. He's strong and funny and pleases me greatly. (Not like that, you pervs)

2. Remus Lupin (HP) - Poor broken Remus. He was the only DADA teacher that was any good. He was kind and fair and loved Harry. He finally got his best friend back, only to have him cruelly taken away again. He's just so damn nice, and yet all this shitty stuff keeps happening to him. I want to hug him and love him and keep him in my pocket.

3. Rupert Giles (BtVS) - Giles was freaking HARDCORE. I loved him. Even at the end, when the ruined him, I still loved him. He cared so much about all the scoobies so much. He would have done anything for them. Plus he was totally hot. ;)

4. Miranda Bailey (GA) - The Nazi. Freaking A, man. Bailey is awesome. There are episodes where she is the only person I like. She tough, but you know that she cares about the interns and wants them to be their best.

5. Laura Roslin (BSG) - She used to be a teacher so she totally counts. Roslin is great. I want to have all her kidnapped half-cylon babies. The only way she could be more awesome is if she airlocked a few more people.


Nov. 1st, 2006 11:33 am
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Halloween was fun. I stayed home and handed out candy. Got some kids with some awesome costumes. I think Darth Vadar was my favorite though. I watched part of Halloween and the first episode of Torchwood. Which I think I'm going to like. I still have the next two episodes on my computer to watch though.

And since I said I'd post these so, here's my costume. Even though the picture is VERY unflattering )
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Yay! I love Halloween. Candy and costumes and scary movies. What's not to love? I'm just staying at home and handing out candy this year, but I am dressing up as Hermione. I'll show you pictures of my costume later. I think we should all be glad that I'm not going like this though. That is a horrifying thought. Also, how wrong is that costume? It's not right at all. Their skirts are much longer than that.

And I have a new friend )

I hope everyone has a great Halloween and is safe and stuff. And if you want to send me candy, I won't complain. :)
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I had a pretty good weekend. I actually had a Saturday off, which is always nice. I went shopping with my mom to get Halloween costumes. I will be handing out candy dressed as Hermione. My costume isn't perfect, but it will do. Perhaps I will take pictures and show you all what a horrible geek I am. That's really all I did on Saturday. Shopped and watched CSI. Which was good.

A "get to know me" meme gacked from [livejournal.com profile] stolenglimpse
List your top three answers for each of the following questions.
My answers )
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Poor Joe did not get a good turn out in my poll. It turns out he only got one vote for the little strip of flesh that occasionally likes to peek out of this pants when he isn't wearing socks. And that vote was from me. D.Hew's belly was apparently the most popular option. Not that I can disagree with that.

The TARDIS gets to keep its cool, but The Enterprise and the Angel Mobile got no love. Poor Enterprise.

The correct answer to the Romana question was that she is better than the greatest thing ever. She is, in fact, better than everything combined times infinity plus two.

Killer Robot Parrots FTW!

Ginny Weasley is awesome and too good for skirts, unfortunately I didn't have that as an option, but Awesome Whore still won. Points to Brian for saying she was his girlfriend

Only one person said the question about posting my icons burned their eyes, so I guess I'll do an icon post one of these days.

And to everyone who clicked every ticky box, I love you.


Every SGA fan on my flist is fired for not tell me Lorne got a first name over the weekend. No spoilers in the article that I saw.


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