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Yeah, it's pretty spammy, but this made me happy, so I don't want to wait. And I don't really know if I need to cut for this, but I'm going to, because I don't want people crying about me ruining a webcomic. Spoilers for XKCD. )


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Just in case you guys weren't sure about the supreme levels of my aweosmeness, I give you proof! )

If you are a Godless heathen who doesn't know who She-Ra is, I don't know if I can be friends with you. Quickly, check out this YouTube intro, so we can still talk!

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Guys! GUYS! This is the greatest thing EVER! Make yourself the heroine in a romance novel! Pick the hero! They let you make little demos so you can see what it would be like. I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT PUT MY NAME IN THE PIRATE STORY WITH KEITH OLBERMANN. Or Jensen and myself into the vampire story. Because that's sort of creepy and I'm not creepy. AT ALL. No matter how badly I wanted to star in a medieval romance with Jared, I DID NOT DO IT. But really, the previews are HILARIOUS.

I had to make Rodney a girl because they don't have a same sex romance option, but OMG Y'ALL!

Meredith had to admit he was a rather attractive man, neatly attired in denim and leather. She scanned his athletic frame and stopped at an arresting pair of hazel eyes peeking out beneath a rather large cowboy hat, set atop dark brown hair. The stranger approached the bar, wearing a smoldering smile across a handsomely rugged jaw.

"What can I do for you?" she said coolly.

"What's your specialty," he flirted, leaning against the bar, flashing his big hazels.

"Sarcasm," was the sharp reply. "Care for a double?" Meredith had spent the morning cleaning the saloon's eaves troughs and was feeling filthy, embarrassed and annoyed all at the same time. She was in no mood for flirtation.

Put in his place, John cleared his throat and introduced himself as John Sheppard, a foreman with the Grand Humber railroad. "Ma'am, just call me John," he said, trying to make amends.

"Well the guy you're looking for? The hotel manager? That's me. I'm also the owner, Meredith McKay," she said coolly, giving a little and extending her hand.

I couldn't resist doing the pirate one with Brenden... )

AND! AS A BONUS! You can do the same thing with children's books! I had a bunch of Christmas books like that(but a lot shorter) when I was little, and I thought they were pretty awesome.
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Guys, Stardoll.com is the best site in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. It makes little celebrity paper dolls and you can dress them up! I think I've been there before, because I know I've played with the David Tennant one, but I must not have ever look around the site before. Any way, EVERYONE needs to go there and play around and then write HILARIOUS fic about it. Or just show me your outfits.

They have bandom boys! )

For all the High School Musical fans on my flist )

CW boys. With CMM because I love Smidgy )

Doctor WHOOOOO! )

And finally, they have Conan. I'm so sorry for this, you guys... )

So, that's how I wasted my Saturday.
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In awesome Stargate News, Big Finish is going to do Stargate audio adventures.

*bounces* That is really awesome. After listening to the UNIT audios I've become a big fan. They're a lot of fun. And the first one is about Daniel! YAY! And there's going to be a Vala one!
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Spoilery DW Martha Pics

Excuse me while I hyperventilate under the cut )

*bounces around like Tigger on speed*

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] onmycrew is doing a "The Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave you met ____?" meme over at her journal. You put your user name in the comments and your friends tell you people they think you should meet. It sounds very fun. You should go do it!
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My sonic screwdriver came today! Which is good, because I have a lot of cabinets to put up. :)

It lights up and makes noise, and came with psychic paper! I'M GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!


Mar. 8th, 2007 03:56 pm
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I just ordered my laptop. It should be here by March 20, which means it will be here in time for Doctor Who to start! WOOT!

Now I have to start thinking of names. I've got a few ideas, but nothing is decided yet.
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YAY! When I get home, I'll have DSL. Now I wont have to wait an hour for dial up to get online. I am very excited about this.


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