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In case anyone was wondering, I still love Reza Aslan.

That is all.

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So you all know that promo pic of Merlin, where he's sitting in that tree? The one where he's being all hot? That's the wallpaper on my laptop. And it's led to a couple of interesting conversations with my family.

Convo 1: )

Convo 2: )

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I think the best Twitter decision I ever made was following Grant Imahara.

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I just watched it, and haven't really had much time to process it, but I have to get downstairs to dinner, so you're getting my really quick thoughts on OMG DOCTOR WHO )

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So it's April 1st. Otherwise known as April Fool's Day. Otherwise known as OMG THERE IS ONE WEEK UNTIL MY 26TH BIRTHDAY HOW THE FUCK DID THAT HAPPEN Day.

I'm not mature enough to be this old. Not that 26 is old, just, you know, older than I feel like I should be. Of course, if we're going by how old I feel, then I should be about 12, so I guess this is better.

Still, if anyone finds a way to halt this Becoming An Adult shit, please let me know.

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I ship Alesha/James LIKE BURNING. Also, Ben Daniels is a highly attractive man.

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LOL, I wrote this post HOURS ago, but I forgot to post it. OOPS.


Mar. 26th, 2009 04:46 pm
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OMG, I can finally track anon comments again! This makes anon memeing MUCH easier. YAY!

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UGH, my sister and her boyfriend and my brother and his boyfriendfriend came over and now keep talking when I'm trying to watch a crappy remake of an awesome British TV show.

Anyway, Lost )

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Sometimes I want Gibbs and Abby to make out.

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Guys, this is kind of weird and really embarrassing, but I want John Sheppard and Arthur Pendragon to run away and be pretty pretty princesses together.


Mar. 20th, 2009 11:01 am
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LOL, everyone in my family has come to see if I'm awake so I can watch BSG all day and cry. I guess I've maybe mentioned it's the last episode a few times.


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I watched the first four episodes of Merlin. OMG, I love it. MERLIN AND ARTHUR ARE IN LOVE FOR REAL. I want an icon with both of them that has little hearts going around them, because that is what I see when I watch them. Also, Morgana/Gwen is epic epic win. Please tell me there's loads of fic for it. Also, I ship Gwen/Merlin and Arthur/Morgana. Basically I want OT4 orgies all over Camelot. Plus, there's Giles. I'm easy for Giles.

Speaking of Giles, I also watched the first episode of Totally Not A Buffy Rip-offDemons. Is Philip Glenister doing that HORRID American accent as payback for all the shitty British accents we have over here? Because it's really awful. Does it get any better as the show goes on? Does THE SHOW get any better as the show goes on? I mean, I'll still watch it, because it's ridiculous, but I was just wondering.


Mar. 3rd, 2009 11:30 pm
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1. Boxed set of all the Harry Potter books. (They're IN A BOX, obvs that counts as one.)

2. The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide

3. Good Omens

4. The Westing Game

5. The Host (OMG, stop judging me.)


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