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Do you like musicals? Do you live in the Portland/Vancouver area? Are you free Friday night? If the answer to those questions is yes, you should go to Ester Short Park and watch Singing in the Rain. It's free and it'll be a lot of fun. My mom, sisters, and I went and saw Indiana Jones last Friday and it was awesome. Cold, but awesome.

The Fridays after that they're playing The Bee Movie then Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (both at Tech Center Park (172nd & Mill Plain)), then Princess Bride (at Ester Short Park again). I'm planning to go to all of them, so let me know if you're going to show up and we can get together.

YAY! The Moff got another Hugo! :)


Jun. 9th, 2008 02:34 pm
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Hello all! I've got some one month free trials for Netflix to hand out. The first three people to comment get the code. :)

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*glees all over* I saw INDIANA JONES! I love it like pie.  )

Amusingly, when we went to get our tickets, my mom asked for a ticket to Raiders. Hee. Oh, Mom, way to live 25 years in the past.


Feb. 22nd, 2008 12:20 am
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I just saw a commerical for The Cutting Edge 3. WHY? OH GOD, WHY?


Dec. 27th, 2007 01:19 pm
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Does Johnny Depp want to be in High School Musical 3?

I'd watch it. But then again, I'd watch it without Johnny Depp.
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I spent all day on OG and parts of it kind of made me want to stab people, but it did get me thinking and I has thoughts about Rose coming back... )

Just so you don't think I spend all my time thinking about Doctor Who (It's that or Stargate, let's be honest.), I also watched Armageddon. And cried the whole way through. Clearly being sick has made me a hormonal crazy person. I was going to watch The American President, but I forgot. *sadface*

PS: I AM VICTORIOUS! I've been trying to figure out how I knew Beardy Guy from the beginning of Thursday's Supernatural. He's from SG1. And a few other shows I watch, but I actually remember him on SG1.
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Harry Potter was freaking awesome. Even thought they had to cut a lot of stuff, I still thought it was excellent. And pretty scary. I wouldn't take my little sister to see it in the theater. Ginny = Freaking awesome pants. Squared. Luna is fantastic and I will continue to ship her and Harry until the day the books and movies are pried from my cold dead hands. (Umm. Let's pretend I have ginormous hands. [BTW, ginormous is toally a word now. It's going in the dictionary.]) None of that is spoilery for the movie, just so you know. Unless you didn't know Ginny or Luna would be in the movie. In which case, where exactly is your rock and how many people can fit under it? I'll probably post my spoilery thoughts tomorrow. While I'm at work. That way I know I have something to do.

There was a preview for Get Smart. I have an insane amount of love for that show, and I'm super excited about the movie. And not just because Steve Carrell is in it. Well, no, that's mostly it. I think he'll be an excellent Maxwell Smart. The opening of the trailer just had a phone booth at first, and I figured out what movie it was for and started bouncing. My mom, bless her heart, turned to me and asked if that was supposed to be the "Targus" from that show I liked so much. Despite how many shows we watch together, I can't get her to watch Doctor Who.

Completely unrelated note: I don't approve of guest hosts who aren't Alison Stewart. Monica Novotny is okay, but I really don't like this Amy woman. *sniff* Alison, I know you have that job at NPR now, but I like you. Come back

And, there was no Manderson. One can only assume that he and Keith went on a date to the Harry Potter movie. Yes, that is clearly the most reasonable answer. Please stop looking at me like that.
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It's FRIDAY! YAY! Make sure you watch SGA tonight. It is beyond excellent. I'll give you all a little hint to the greatness. The episode involves John and Rodney and lots of candles.

[Poll #978733]
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I don't own The Sandlot!

[livejournal.com profile] rain_dances and I were talking about loving sports movies and TV shows and how baseball is the best sport of all time, and she asked me what my favorite baseball movie was. The answer is The Sandlot, followed closely by ALL THE REST OF THEM (OMG BASEBALL IS SO AWESOME). So I really wanted to watch it, but I don't own it! I thought I did! How do I not own it? *goes to rectify this situation*
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Want to know what's scarier than having to depend on Bruce Willis and The Affleck to save the world? Having to depend on Stephen Baldwin.
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Answers to the quote meme are under the cut. If you haven't guessed yet, what are you waiting for? Go make some guesses before you look at the answers.

Read more... )
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Pick 1013 of your favorite movie/TV quotes, post them in your journal and have people guess them. Comments are screened, so guess away. (bonus points for guessing an episode in the TV quotes. :D)
Tag 5 people to do the meme.

Barcelona )
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I thought maybe I should post on something that isn't related to TV in any way.

Yesterday I went shopping with my mom. It was fun. We originally just went so I could get some new work clothes, but we got sidetracked, as usual. So for work clothes I ended up getting a pair of black pants and a black skirt from Torrid, a cute shirt and jacket from Lane Bryant, and some cute shoes and another pair of black pants from Old Navy. Sensing a theme? Yeah, our new dress code is black, which is lame, but apparently we can wear whatever color shoes we want. I'm going to find something hideously orange or something.

We went into the bookstore, because when have I ever been able to resist books(especially at 40% off) and I got Good Omens in hardback with the pretty cover. I would have gotten the other cover, but really, I'm not that big of a dork. I'll probably get it if they go down to 50%. *is lame*. I also got Nerilka's Story, which I think means I only need to get Renegades of Pern and the short stories to complete the series. I decided to pick up The Truth (with jokes) because I love Al Fraken something mighty. And then because I'm a just that much of a geek, I picked up the August issue of the Sci Fi Channel magazine. OMG, why do you people talk to me

Then at the toy store I bought little Jack Sparrow and Will Turner dolls action figures. I had fun playing with them. Although, my sister did look at me weird when I made them kiss. Whatever. Jack Sparrow is totally omnisexual and Will has a big hard on for him, so there.

Then that night I saw Monser House with my family. Oh my god, it's so cute. You need to go see it! This instant. Go now. I'll wait for you to get back....

See? Wasn't it good? And cute. And don't you want to keep Chowder in your pocket and feed him skittles? Now I want you to go write SGA fic, where Kid!John and Kid!Rodney team up with Kid!Teyla to fight a haunted house. Comedy gold people. Comedy gold.

I almost made it without talking about TV...
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I have many things to discuss with you today, so I think it's best if I do this in list format

1. I finally got a job. Thank god! It's at Meier & Frank, so it's not like, the greatest job ever, but a job is a job. Even at Christmas time. So basically I'm going to be tired and cranky until January. Guess who is going to get all my whining :)

2. I think Zorro stole their music directly from Pirates. Every time a preview comes on and I'm not looking at the TV I think it's going to be a commercial for the new Pirates movie. (Yes I know it's not coming out for a while, leave me alone.)

3. This my be sacrilege, but I think I love Stephen Colbert more than Jon Stewart. You may stone me if you wish.

4. Grey's Anatomy is a great show, and I want to know why no one is dating George, for George is THE MAN.

5. I need someone to see Brokeback Mountain with me when it comes out. For reasons I can't figure out a movie about gay cowboys does not appeal to my mom or my little brother.

6. Stargate SG1 and Atlantis got renewed. YAY. Well for Atlantis anyway. God only knows what they'll come up with for SG1 (Which I think I will now call The Show Which Will Not Die). Hopefully more Vala, for she is fabulous.

7. I finally saw Batman Begins. Fabulous. Bats is my all time favorite superhero. I think it's the fact that he's all angsty and way frelled up. Plus he doesn't have any superpowers, he's just some rich kid with toys. I love that. Way better than Superman. Christian Bale is probably the best Batman ever. I thought Michael Keaton got the screwed-upness of Batman, but not the rich playboy part, and Val got the playboy part right, but not how mess up Bats is. Christian got both parts wonderfully.

And now I have weird thoughts about whether Bruce ever went to boarding school and whether he could be there with Lex Luthor. Think about all the sex hijinks.

8. Despite the fact that this post has nothing to do with Firefly or Serenity I'm using my shiny Wash icon.
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1) Total number of films I own on DVD or video: I have around 80 here at school with me. More at home.

2) The last film I bought: Starsky and Hutch (I've gotten other movies since then, but they've all been gifts)

3) The last film I watched: Swing Kids

4) Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:
Dirty Dancing
Roman Holiday
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Oh, I so win )


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