Jun. 9th, 2008 11:03 pm
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So, I'm getting some stuff on Amazon and I need about $8 more to get free shipping. I thought I'd pick up a Doctor Who book, but I was wondering which ones you guys liked. I'd like a Martha book (unless the Donna ones are out, but I don't think they are yet). And I've already read Wetworld and The Last Dodo.

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Guys, House is new tonight! YAY! But it's on at the same time as Eureka. BOO! The Michael Shanks looking all hot and dirty episode of Eureka. DOUBLE BOO! I'll just have to tape it. And Reaper. I love Bret Harrison. He's from my city!

I love premiere week. ♥

Plus, my cute clothes from Old Navy came yesterday. The pants are a little on the long side, but I can hem them. The hoodie I got is super adorable and is way comfy.


Sep. 18th, 2007 09:23 pm
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*collapses dramatically bed* MY LIFE IS SO HARD! I went to Best Buy and Target and neither of them had the season 3 SGA DVDs. I NEED TO WATCH MCKAY AND MRS. MILLER. And Tao of Rodney. And Echoes. And The Game. And... well all of them, really. My point is, THE DVD GODS HATE ME. And I probably won't be able to go out tomorrow unless I can get my brother to take me. *BIG SADFACE*

I did end up buy Superman Doomsday. And the Target I went to had The Office stuff I wanted. You are looking at the proud owner of a I ♥ Jim mug, some magnets, pens, mechanical pencils, a Dwight head stress ball, a magnetic memo board, and a pad of paper. And I found that Vanity Fair. So, you know, it's not that bad. BUT I WANT MY DVDS! /whining

Later, if I'm bored, I'll tell you all about the SGA/Office AU I thought up.
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I went shopping today to try and find some tank tops for Vegas. I hate shopping for clothes. It always leaves me horribly depressed. They never have anything cute in my size and I'm oddly shaped so nothing fits me right. *sigh* Who wants to come live with me and make my clothes. I will pay you with love and affection. Or badly written fanfiction and mediocre icons. Or candy. Candy for clothes. Does that sound like a good deal to anyone?

Hee. I was watching Keith today and MSNBC had this commercial about how they did better in the ratings than CNN, and they said something about MSNBC topping CNN. Now I want MSNBC/CNN slash. Or fic where MSNBC and CNN get together to bitch about Fox, while Headline News and CNBC whine about how they don't get any love. Or maybe I should just be quit before you all decide I'm too crazy, and defriend me.

Someone posted this awesome video to [ profile] doctorwho, and I thought it was fantastic.

Will you stop that. You cannot sing at Daleks )

Good news for season 2 of Heroes.

If anyone still wants some love from me and hasn't gotten it, go here.
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For a long time I avoided Crocs. I thought they were ugly and how could rubber shoes be comfortable. I still think that about those gardening shoe clog things. (Umm... no offense to those of you who might have them) But my mom got me the best pair of sandals ever.

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It's almost like I'm not wearing shoes at all. And since I like to walk around barefoot, that's perfect. They come in fun colors too! If you're looking for a new pair of sandals this summer, I recommend these ones.

Go check them out.
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I just got back from the mall. And it was fantastic. I got myself some cute earrings from Claire's (shut up), but that isn't the fantastic part. No. The fantastic part is that the library was having a book sale. I bought The Hobbit because our copy is really old and the cover is just taped on. I thought it was time for a newer copy. And I've never read Sense and Sensibility so I picked that up as well. I've read Dreamcatcher by Stephen King, but I don't own it, and you can't usually get hardback books for a dollar so I grabbed that as well.

Those aren't the best things though. Oh, no. They were selling trashy harlequin novels for a quarter each, so I bought 4 of them. The Sicilian's Bought Bride, The Sheikh's Captive Bride, Pregnant by the Greek Tycoon, and The Frenchman's Captive Wife. I'm sure they'll all be fantastic. I'm also sure I'm going to be mentally inserting John and Rodney into all of them. Because that's how I roll. I figure they'll be fun to read when I'm down in Mexico.

Still, those aren't the best part either. They're pretty awesome, yes, but the most wonderful thing is the choose your own adventure book I found. But it's not just any choose your own adventure. It's a Magnum P.I. one. Maui Mystery #1. Complete with Tom Sellek in little shorts on the cover. Now, can you think of anything more fantastic than that? Other than Spock, Messhiah!, of course.

And I got all of that for $5.50. I think any day when you can get 9 books for that little money is a good one.

Now I'm going to see if Ben Affleck made a fool of himself on Hardball.
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It would be wrong to sell myself so I can buy shirts, right? But I don't have money for shirts and I want these ones: Meet Me At Camera 3 and The Metallicar.

It's Wednesday! That means tomorrow is Thursday and SPN DAY! First part of the season finale and I'm so excited I could puke. I'm almost totally unspoiled (I heard one teeny casting spoiler), so if you spoil me for anything I will shoot you in the face.
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Today was productive. Kind of. I had an appointment at the optometrist at 11:45 this morning. I haven't been in four years. My prescription has changed a little. Unfortunately, they didn't have one of the lenses they needed and they'll take about a week to get here, so you'll get pictures of me being spexy next week. The cool thing is that because our new insurance has super nifty great vision coverage my glasses only cost $90, so I could get prescription sunglasses. I haven't had sunglasses since the ninth grade. They were only supposed to take two hours to finish so my mom and I decided to do more shopping.

We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and I ended up buy a new remote for our television. A GIANT REMOTE! My dad has been having a hard time seeing the buttons on the remote and this remote is GIGANTIC. It's the Jared Padalecki of remote controls. Then we ended up wandering around Barnes and Noble for a while, but we didn't buy anything. I know. Shocking. We go back to LensCrafters and the sunglasses aren't done yet, they need 15 more minutes. So we go wander around Suncoast for a while. FYI: Gummi Bears is on DVD! Who knew? When we get back there they tell us that there was some problem with the tinting and they need to redo one of the lenses. We just decided to go get them at some point tomorrow. I'm sad though. I wanted my sunglasses now.

We finally got home around 3:30. And then I got to watch the Giants lose. :(

Wanna see our HUGE REMOTE )
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I missed SG1 because I was shopping with my mom and sister. But I got pretty things, so it's okay.

I got this top. But I got it in blue, which isn't one of the choices online.

And I got this necklace But not the earrings. And this necklace.

I also got a bra and some panties, but you don't really need to see those. Unless you want to. *leers at flist*

Then I met up with Caity and my mom at the bookstore. I almost made it out without buying anything, but Caity insisted on looking at the magazines. And Stephen's GQ cover was just staring at me. The creepy baby was all, "BUUUUUYYYY MEEEEE" in it's creepy baby voice. You have to obey the creepy baby when it orders you to do things. So I bought it. But now I'm afraid the baby may come to life and eat me in my sleep. If I don't post tomorrow you all know why.
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In 2007, bubbles83 resolves to...
Learn to play the sark.
Give up sleeping.
Find a new sarcasm.
Go to supernatural every Sunday.
Connect with my inner benson.
Apply for a new romana.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

I would be totally okay with being the new Romana. Just let me know where I can get an application. Doctor/Me OTP! I think all the rest of it would be pretty do-able. Except for giving up sleeping. I'm not okay with that.

I decided not to get the phone. I just don't want to spend the much money on a phone right now. I did get some shopping done though. I got a pretty green sweater, a cute top, and a pair of jeans. Yay me.
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Who wants to bid on these for me? Seriously. I don't think my life will be complete till I have Joe Flanigan's face on a plate. :)

They have SG1 too! I need a Teal'c plate!
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I had a pretty good weekend. I actually had a Saturday off, which is always nice. I went shopping with my mom to get Halloween costumes. I will be handing out candy dressed as Hermione. My costume isn't perfect, but it will do. Perhaps I will take pictures and show you all what a horrible geek I am. That's really all I did on Saturday. Shopped and watched CSI. Which was good.

A "get to know me" meme gacked from [ profile] stolenglimpse
List your top three answers for each of the following questions.
My answers )
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Huh. So apparently, watching SGA all day and then going to sleep listening to the Wicked Soundtrack gives you weird ass dreams where John is Glinda and Rodney is Elphaba. Sometimes my subconsious scares me.

So the greatest game ever might just be Lego Star Wars II. Seriously. It rocks. Play it! Pllllaaaaaaaaaayyyyy eeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttt. Little Lego Han! What is not to love?

The first person to buy me this wins all my love and affection for all of eternity. He has glowy hands! How is that not awesome?

And while not quite as awesome as the first one, this one is pretty awesome too. Little tablets! So cute!

Gates finales tonight! Oh my loves, what am I going to do without you? The answer, probably cry a lot and watch McKay and Mrs. Miller a million and a half times.

ETA: OMG, watch the interview. Jeffery Dean Morgan is the cutest man of all time! I should probably add that I didn't actually read anything on the page, just watched the video, so there might be spoilers in the article.
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Pay no attention to these links. They are so I can find them later.

SGC Hoodie

Jaffa Joke

Serenity Valley

Jayne Cobb


PK Jersey
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Threadless is having another $10 sale!>

YAY! $10 shirts. Six new ones Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Threadless is horrible on my wallet. :)
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I got my OK Go cds the other day. I've only listened to the first one so far, but it was great. And I got my Bad Wolf shirt from Glarkware. It's the small things that make you happy.

Meme stolen from [ profile] slodwickMy ring tone isn't embarrassing at all )
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I thought maybe I should post on something that isn't related to TV in any way.

Yesterday I went shopping with my mom. It was fun. We originally just went so I could get some new work clothes, but we got sidetracked, as usual. So for work clothes I ended up getting a pair of black pants and a black skirt from Torrid, a cute shirt and jacket from Lane Bryant, and some cute shoes and another pair of black pants from Old Navy. Sensing a theme? Yeah, our new dress code is black, which is lame, but apparently we can wear whatever color shoes we want. I'm going to find something hideously orange or something.

We went into the bookstore, because when have I ever been able to resist books(especially at 40% off) and I got Good Omens in hardback with the pretty cover. I would have gotten the other cover, but really, I'm not that big of a dork. I'll probably get it if they go down to 50%. *is lame*. I also got Nerilka's Story, which I think means I only need to get Renegades of Pern and the short stories to complete the series. I decided to pick up The Truth (with jokes) because I love Al Fraken something mighty. And then because I'm a just that much of a geek, I picked up the August issue of the Sci Fi Channel magazine. OMG, why do you people talk to me

Then at the toy store I bought little Jack Sparrow and Will Turner dolls action figures. I had fun playing with them. Although, my sister did look at me weird when I made them kiss. Whatever. Jack Sparrow is totally omnisexual and Will has a big hard on for him, so there.

Then that night I saw Monser House with my family. Oh my god, it's so cute. You need to go see it! This instant. Go now. I'll wait for you to get back....

See? Wasn't it good? And cute. And don't you want to keep Chowder in your pocket and feed him skittles? Now I want you to go write SGA fic, where Kid!John and Kid!Rodney team up with Kid!Teyla to fight a haunted house. Comedy gold people. Comedy gold.

I almost made it without talking about TV...
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Threadless is having their $10 sale. Cute shirts, $10 each.

I ordered two:
Ninjas and pirates agree... Cuz I love ninjas and pirates.


Biblical Disaster It's the unicorn that really sold me on it. I might be a horrible person, but at least I'm amused. :)


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