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Okay, who was it that was talking about the Distant Shore app? Because I downloaded it and NOW IT'S ALL I EVER DO. Seriously. I've had some pretty good conversations with people. And then I had a conversation where someone was convinced I'm going to Hell because I didn't want to take her "Are you a good person?" test. I loled.

Still nothing on the job front, but I turned in a bunch of apps and resumes, so hopefully something will happen. I hate job hunting. I'm horrible at it. I hate writing cover letters and I am GOD AWFUL in interviews. I'm always amazed when someone wants to hire me. I don't supposed I could talk one of you guys into giving me a job that involves sitting around and watching Doctor Who all day?

Anyway, it's friending meme time!

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Hello flist! How have you all been? I've been decent. I got laid off from my job last week, and spend a couple of days sitting in my room eating Girl Scout cookies, but I got it together and have been putting out tons of applications. Hopefully one of them will come through. (PS: Thanks to everyone on Twitter who sent me nice messages. You guys rock!)

I've been enjoying Romana VERY MUCH. I've downloaded all sorts of apps and I love being able to watch videos on it. I got some fish game where you have to breed fish and sell them and shit like that, and I'm totally obsessed with it. I don't even know why.

I finished my second knitting project. Two of my aunts are having babies in May, so I thought I would make them hats.

Here's the first one )

I'll take pictures of the next one when it's finished.

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Longest. Day. Ever. I went to Borders this morning with my mom and from there she dropped me off at work. An hour early. So I went shopping and got myself a new pair of work shoes. And work lasted FOREVER! I worked down in one of the clothing departments today, and I HATE working downstairs. Fitting rooms are HORRIBLE. Then my sister was supposed to pick me up, but she forgot, so I didn't get picked up until 45 minutes after I got off. UGH! Luckily I made it home in time for Supernatural. I taped Smallville and I'll watch that with my mom tomorrow.

And now, as promised, an ALL BARROWMAN YouTube Thursday.

First up is one of my favorite music videos EVAR! OMG, it's the cheesiest most ridiculous thing to have ever existed. My favorite part is towards the end, when it looks like John is singing the song to himself.


Lots more Barrowman under the cut! )

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Dear Moronic Real Estate Agents,

I know not having to work in the office is nifty, but I still need your paperwork. Especially if you want to get paid.

No Love,
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I finally learned how to add agents to the company's website and set up their email addresses. And I'm learning how to make business cards and I get to start doing the Newsletter. It's about time. I've only been there a year. Now maybe I'll have things to do and I won't be bored quite so often. Good times.

Does anyone want to pack for me? I love going on trips, but I hate packing.

And here's one last chance to get yourself a postcard from Vegas.
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Apparently, today is Take Your Child to Work Day. Since I have no children, my sister is here with me. On Sunday, when she said Thursday was Take Your Child to Work Day, I told her she should come in with me. BUT I WAS JUST KIDDING! I didn't think she'd really want to go. My work is boring. Half the time I don't have anything to do. But she really wanted to come, so she's here. We packed up a little DVD player and she's watching Supernatural or Hannah Montana or something. I feel bad, but there really isn't anything else for her to do.

In case you all were wondering, the correct answer to the Dame Death Match question was Maggie Smith. I can't believe so many of you got it wrong. Also, I had people not even on my flist vote in the poll. I think that makes it a success!

PS: Keith likes to Google himself every day. Which I like, because I always think it sounds vaguely dirty. :)
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Macy's called. They want me to come back and work in the Petites department. I could use another job, but I really don't want to go back to Macy's. I liked working there, but I like not working there even more. It was nice having weekends and evenings back. Plus my feet and back don't hurt all the time anymore. But I really should take it. I don't like being a grown up. Make it stop.

That's it.

Feb. 3rd, 2007 12:41 am
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So, my last day at Macy's. I didn't cry, but I didn't dance out of there or anything. I'm sad, but it's not like I don't have another job to fall back on. Plus I have to go back there to give them their girl scout cookies, so I'll see them again. I had to make sure to get the most out of my employee discount while I still have it, so I bought a pair of capris, a pink hoodie, and a couple tops. Fun times.

And since I don't have anything to do tomorrow except clean my room and watch Akeelah and the Bee with my sister, give me something to take a picture of and I'll post the pics up here. My backyard, my room, my favorite pair of shoes, what do you want to see?
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Today is my last day at Macy's. I don't really know if I'm going to dance out of there, excited that I never have to work there again, or sad that I never have to work there again. As much as I bitch about stupid customers and co-workers(not in my department) who are incompetent, I really liked working there. My manager is great, and probably the best manager in the store, and I genuinely like everyone in my department. Plus housewares is a great department to be in. I don't have to worry about dressing rooms and they let me play with fun gadgets. So, I get my evenings back (I don't have to tape SV or SPN anymore!), but I'm going to miss the friends I've made there. And my discount.

And boredom at the office job leads to memes, so here's the music one.

Lyrics from the first 25 songs that came up when I put my iPod on shuffle. Just how cool are you? Post your guesses and let the world know!

Don't judge me by my music )
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I doubt I'll be online tomorrow so I'm just going to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone now. I hope all my US flisters have a great day and eat tons of yummy food.

I probably won't be around much this weekend as I have to be to work at 8AM on Friday and 8:45 on Saturday, and I fully plan on sleeping the rest of the days away when I get home. So I hope you all have a great weekend, and if you go shopping be nice to the poor retail workers. They are probably very tired and being mean to them isn't going to help either of you.
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Huh. So it's been a while since I posted, so I thought I'd say hey. My weekend home alone was nice. I watched Sci Fi Friday (I heart ten! And Sarah Jane and K-9 rock my socks) and watched some of my SG1 Season 9 DVDs. You all lose at leaving me amusing comments. We areI was not amused. *sniff* No love.

Umm. What else...Work is going well. We've started getting Christmas stuff in at Macy's. Yes, my soul weeps. The other job is going well. Still not much to do, but it leaves me time for things like LJ, so I'm not going to complain.

Watched Click last night. Not that bad of a movie. Christopher Walken scared the pants off me. In a good way. I think he's just like, insane, or something.

And I watched Studio 60. Still massive hearts. Tom is too cool for school. That's all I'm gonna say about that.


Sep. 13th, 2006 11:04 am
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I hate it when someone tells you that the forms you need are online, but you can't find them anywhere! Gah!

Anyway, I'm just posting to have something to do besides drive pens in my eyes.

So umm... let's see... How are y'all doing? Anything interesting going on in your lives?

Is anyone out there as excited for Studio 60 to start as I am?

I uploaded a bunch of icons last night. Well, like six, but still.

OMG, someone say something wanky in my journal so I can laugh at you. I'm bored.
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You know what's embarassing? When you lock yourself out of your office. Then you have to go down the hall and ask to use the phone. Only to find that the property manager has gone to lunch. Then sitting outside your office for a half hour until your boss comes back and can let you in. Yep. Welcome to Christina's world. Where she is the greatest goober of all time.
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It's true. I do. I don't know why. It's an excellent word though. Fantastic.

You know what I like about my secretary job? I'm left alone a lot. I mean, I like my boss, he's awesome, but it's nice having someone who trusts me enough to do my job that he'll just leave me alone for days at a time. Plus I get to listen to whatever I want. It's fabulous. Even if all I listen to is Al Franken and Randi Rhodes(who may or may not be crazy. I haven't decided yet).

Also, I caught one of the new stargate ads. It had Shep at a pool hall, and he looked about twelve kinds of hot in the new jacket. There should be more leather on the show. Actually, all shows should have more leather in them. If I ruled the world, that would be a rule.

And a meme. Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] medie
1. Ask me one fandom-related question (Or anything really) in the comments. This can befandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general.
2. Just one question, please, but it can (and perhaps should) have sub-parts. Eh, as long as you don't go crazy, you can ask more.
3. That's it. It can be as normal or odd as you like.
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I started working at my friend's dad's office on Friday. He's opening up a real estate office up here and I'm going to be his secretary. Right now it's only four hours a day. but he's hoping to get my hours up. We spent Friday setting up the office, getting the computers to print, figuring out the phone, that sort of thing. Of course, my favorite part was getting to play with the office supplies. Proof that I'm meant to work there? The pens were Atlantis* bic pens. I think it's fate. ;)

One of the nice things about this is that I can still work at MF since I only work nights and weekends. I was there today and I got asked out to pizza by this very cute boy. I thought about it and decided that, while he was cute, the age difference might have been too much for me. He was two. He really was adorable though. And very proud of his new dinosaur T-shirt. By the way, if anyone is in Vancouver, you should check out the store. We got more of the remodel done and it looks really nice. Plus, I get bored sometimes up in housewares and you should come love me and bring me food.

*Ok, one little TV mention.
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Mostly just an excuse to use my shiny new work icon. Look at the bunny slippers. I want to go to work in those.

Anyhoo. Work has been going well. I got my burgandy star the other day. Oh the excitment. Basically, it's just something they give you when you get enough customer compliments and secret shopper reports. Then I got my performance review. Apparenly I'm doing very well. I guess I'm friendly or something. And I got a raise. That's right folks. I am now making $8.09/hour. I'm practically rolling in the dough. I'm going to be able to buy my own island in no time. All kidding aside, I really do kind of like it there. The people I work with are nice and my manager isn't some insane bitch, so I really don't have anything to complain about.

Unlike the customers, who will be complaining very soon I'm sure. We started doing some price adjusting today(on our Fiestaware), so we could be up to what Macy's is, and most of the products are going up 2 or 3 dollars, which isn't a lot, but still sucks. The thing that suck even more is the stuff like the big bowls and the pitchers, which are going up 7 and 8 dollars. Man, it's going to suck to have to listen to people bitch, but I guess I'll survive. I did live with Amanda for most of my life, so I'm used to it. :)
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Also, GIP. Since it's spring time I thought I could use a springy icon.

I just thought I should warn you all that Sci Fi is showing Dr. Who now, so I finally got to watch it. It is fabuloulsy cheesy and Christopher Eccleston is joy with big ears. So there will probably much squeeing coming up. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Hmmm. I should probably like post something about my actual life since I rarely do that anymore. Meg turned 15, which means she can get her permit soon. That kind of creeps me out. Caity has strep throat, no fun there. I just hope I don't catch it. Strep+No health insurance=suckage. My cousin is getting married in April, so I get to go up to Seattle for a couple of days. That should be exciting.

Work is going well. We opened up the new area and it's shiny and new. Housewares got moved for a couple of months while they do remodeling on our part of the store. Then when that's done we move again and they remodel the area we're in now. I can't wait for it to all look nice. No more ugly carpet, or big red fixtures. Woot!

I watched Jeopardy with my mom today. I love that show. Except when Alex Trebek has to talk to the contestants about their lives. I always feel embarassed for everyone involved. Anyway...One of the catagories was Science Class which I totally thought I'd do ok in. Oh how I didn't. I kept thinking about how Rodney and Sam would be so upset that I could remember anything about String Theory. I told my mom that and she just looked at me as if I was crazy.

Wow, This is a lot more than I usually write. Must be feeling chatty.
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First off, Lena Olin rocks my fucking socks.

The other day, at work, some of the jeans were coming up at 75% off when they weren't supposed to. I was very excited so I got 2 pairs of jeans and a jean jacket for $44. Awesome. Then on Friday we had an associate day so we all got an extra 20% off. My mom and I got my cousin her gifts for her bridal luncheon and her wedding. We ended up getting her a picture frame and some kitchen utensils for the luncheon and a Cocoa Latte for her wedding present. The Cocoa Latte is so cool. It makes hot chocolate and coffee and stuff all warm and frothy. Mmm. It's good stuff y'all.

Then I went and got some clothes. I got a skirt and a top for the wedding. The skirts blue and black and green with a weird design on it. The top is this mossy green color. I like it a lot. I also got a green tank to go with it, and a pink polo shirt thats super cute. :) Yay for shopping.

Oh, and I picked up the first season of Grey's Anatomy and the third season of Alias. Good thing payday is coming up.

Reason 442 why Jack O'Neill deserves your love... )
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Did I ever tell you guys about Crazy Silverware Guy? About a week a go Crazy Silverware Guy (hereby known as CSG*) came in and wanted to get this box of nice expensive silverware. I showed him where it was and he started comparing the boxes to get the best one. He didn't really like any of those so I went to the back and grabbed a couple more boxes for him to look at. He spent, seriously, 45 minutes comparing boxes of silverware to get the ones that he thought was best. Then he picked one of the boxes that had already been out. It was crazy. He was really nice though.

He came back in today. Now when we had our original encounter he also wanted to get some china, but he wasn't sure what the pattern was. I wrote down the name of what we thought it was and my name, so if he had any problems someone could ask me about it. He called before he came in today, and asked if I was going to be working. Because he liked me best. He's really sweet. Although, I did spend over an hour with him and his crazy family. Bringing boxes back and forth from the back. He's very particular about the box being perfect, but I got a big sale from him, so I'm not complaining.

Maybe tomorrow if you guys are lucky I'll give you all a Friday treat. Does that sound like fun?

Hey, does anyone know when Alias is coming back on?

*Not to be confused with CSM who is Cigarette Smoking Man on the X-files and is awesome in ways that can't be described in words.
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Admissions of geekery

I like math. Most of the time. I liked Algebra 1 and I loved geometry. Algebra 2 was good until we got to logrithms. I don't know why I've always had a hard time with them. I liked statistics when I took it. Probability is super fun too. That brings me to the saddest point of my day.

Meagan came upstairs today to get some help with her homework. The first problem was pretty easy. Just solving for x and y in simple equations. Then in the next problem I got to use the quadratic formula. I was so excited. But then... I couldn't remember it. It was very dissapointing to have to ask my brother what it was, then look it up in a book to make sure it was right. And then I did the math wrong. That was most upsetting I think. 11 squared is NOT 22 and 8 time 4 is NOT 16. That confused me for quite a while. I just kept thinking that if Rodney McKay could see me now he'd be so disgusted with me.

Oh. Speaking of Rodney. We had a demo at work of a new juicer we got. We were making fresh OJ and the lady working it asked this guy if he wanted to try some. He freaked out, well not really freaked out, but looked at her like she was crazy and said he was 'deathly allergic to citrus.' His boyfriend just looked at him like, 'why do I hang out with you?' But it was just such an affectionate look. I admit, I melted a little. My own mall-walking John and Rodney. Theres nothing like boylove at the mall.


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