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Mexico was a ton of fun. The flights there and back were horribly long, but I had books and my iPod to keep me entertained. We stayed at Los Tules, a resort on the beach. It was nice. The oven didn't work and the beds were a little on the firm side, but it was a thirty second walk to a warm sandy beach, so I didn't mind. The restaurant at the place was good, we ate dinner there almost every night. Ummm... We really didn't do much. We hung out at the beach and took the bus down to the boardwalk a couple of times. That's about it. There was a grocery store and mall across the street and we went there a bunch to look around and, you know, buy food and soda. I didn't get sick! That was awesome. And I managed not to get sunburned until we'd been there for four days. And even then it's just my back. Which hurts, but at least it isn't all over, like my poor sister got. So yeah, it was good times.

We went and got a Christmas tree today. My mom is putting lights on right now and we're all going to decorate it later. I'm working through some of my flist, but I'd appreciate it if you'd link me to anything awesome I might have missed, so I don't accidentally skim over it. Or any fun wank or spoilers. A week is FOREVER in fandom time.
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I'M HOME! Yay! I missed you guys! I'm exhausted, but I wanted to check in and let you guys know I'm still alive. I'll do a big post tomorrow all about the hotel and my sunburn and standing in front of Jared Leto at LAX. I'll probably never get caught up on my flist, but when I get back from Christmas shopping tomorrow I'll see what I can do. I'm sure I missed all sorts of great stuff. Not to mention any awesome/lame show spoilers I missed out on by being gone for a week.

And it's still Friday, so I'll give you all a quickie Friday Poll!

[Poll #1110084]

Now it's time to unpack and sleep!
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Okay guys, I'm headed to bed early because I have to get up at IDidn'tEvenKnowThisTimeActuallyExisted:30 to go to the airport. But by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon I'll be in sunny Puerto Vallarta! I'll be back around 8 PM on Friday. Be good while I'm gone. But if you're going to be wanky, make sure it's amusing! I don't want to come home to depressing wank.

I'll miss you guys! SMOOCHIES!
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Guys, today is my brother's 18th birthday. That is CRAZY! I can't believe he's old enough to buy porn. We had a party and birthday dinner for him last night because he has to work today. He got some pretty cool stuff. I got him a Red Baron VCR game, that has no directions so I hope when we put the VCR in it has the directions. It looks kind of dumb, but I saw it at a second hand store and thought it would be funny. I got him a couple other things too, but that's the interesting one.

I'm leaving for Mexico in less than a week, and I am so far from ready it isn't even funny. I have no idea what I'm taking, I need to clean my room, I'm pretty sure I need to see if I can find some tank tops someplace, I've never been out of the country (well, okay, Canada, but they still speak English there, so it wasn't a big deal) and I'm freaking out a little. My Spanish is HORRIBLE, and I know I'm going to feel like a moron.

In non-freaking out news, if this rumor comes true, I will be so happy I might pee my pants.

PS: The love meme reached it's max comments, so I posted a note to the people who left me comments over there. If you want to leave me extra love, I wouldn't mind it. ;) If you leave you name over there let me know! I want to give you all tons of love!
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Eugene was pretty good. We stayed with my mom's aunt and uncle in Vida. They have a great house right on the McKenzie River. Their basement is basically an apartment. There's a little kitchen and everything. And a pool table.

We had a birthday lunch for my great-grandma (GG) on Sunday. It was fun to see family members I hadn't seen for a while. My cousin, Patrick, has abandoned me and gotten his drivers license. Now I'm all alone in my lameness. It was sad though. GG was moved into a nursing home a few months ago. She's not sick, but she is old and needs a wheelchair and oxygen. Her memory is failing too. She asked my dad who the man was sitting next to him and when he explained that it was my brother she acted like she didn't believe him. She also asked if Steven had a girlfriend. Steven is her grandson who's been married for about twenty years. It's one of those things where you have to laugh or you'll end up crying.

It's hard for my mom. She had a pretty crummy childhood and her grandmother pretty much raised her, so they're close. She goes down almost every weekend to spend time with her. I was glad I got to go down and see her one last time.

And the Ducks won. That's always going to make my family happy. :)

Peace out!

Oct. 27th, 2007 12:24 pm
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Headed to Eugene. I'll be back sometime Sunday night. I'm doing family stuff the whole time though, so I doubt I'll have time to see anyone down there. :( If you want to give me a call though, there's always a chance. I think if you go to my phone tag, you can find my number if you don't have it.

To amuse you while I'm gone, here's an article saying that more people believe in ghosts than believe Bush is doing a good job as president.
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Got back from Bellevue yesterday. It was fun. My grandpa turned 80 and my sister turned 21, so all the family came up. Except for one of my uncles, who decided going to San Fran for a baseball game was more important than his father's birthday.

Saturday night we had a big dinner at my aunt's house. We had Mexican and most of my relatives were pretty drunk tipsy by the end of the night. They were amusing, in an Oh My God, You're My Aunt, I Don't Want To Ever Think About You Having Sex Please Stop Talking sort of way. On Sunday we went on a cruise around Lake Washington. It was very informative. And we got to go past Bill Gates' house. Mostly I just like spending time with my extended family, so we could have just hung out at my aunt's and I would have been fine.

My sister went out with some of her friends last night after we got back. Apparently she was very hungover this morning. :)

I caught up with my flist earlier today, but it was a little overwhelming, so I didn't leave many comments. If there's anything you desperately wanted me to comment on and I didn't, go ahead and give me a link.
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I'm headed up to Seattle for a couple days. I'm bringing my laptop, but I don't know if I'll have internet access. Be good while I'm gone, don't explode the interwebs.
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I promise to do a Shasta post at some point, but I spent all day yesterday watching Doctor Who and then trying to catch up to my flist, so I didn't really have time. I think I got everything though. I have fic bookmarked that I haven't read yet, but I'll get to it. If you had anything you want me to see that you think I missed, just give me a link here.

I would do a post on the extreme awesomeness of Doctor Who, but everything has already been said. I will sum it all up with this: Doctor/Saxon has surpassed my love for Doctor/Martha. Oh, and Martha is going to pwn all. Because she's awesome. If Rusty does something horrible to her, I will choke a bitch.

Don't forget to watch Dan and Keith on David Letterman tonight!


Jun. 25th, 2007 08:44 pm
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I made it back from Shasta alive. I had a lot of fun, but I'm tired and kind of cranky so I'll post and respond to comments tomorrow. For now, I'm gonna find the new Doctor Who, get some food, then crash early.

*pets flist* I missed you guys!


Jun. 22nd, 2007 10:58 am
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Headed down to Shasta. I'll probably make lots of voice posts about how sunburned I am and what books I'm reading.

Be good while I'm gone. Don't forget to water the plants and feed the dog.

See you Tuesday!
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Now with 10,000% more Clark and Lex )

PS: My Doctor Who DVDs came today. I can't wait to watch them. Oh Nine. How I miss you.
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Only 8 pics in this one

Fishes and Lizards and Jean-luc, oh my )
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Warning to dial up users. There are about 14 pictures here. They aren't that big, but if you have a slow connection it might take a while to load.

Look at me in 100 degree weather! )

I'm baaack

Jun. 29th, 2006 12:35 am
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Ok, I'm back. I'm skimming my flist now, but if I miss something you think I'd want to read, let me know.

I'll have a big post/s with pics later. I'm too lazy to upload them. Needless to say, I had a ton of fun, and I can't wait to tell you all about it. :)

I still have a few postcards left, so if you wanted one and didn't ask, let me know and I'll email you to get your address.

And, I know someone on my flist collects cheesy snowglobes, but I can't for the life of me remember who it is. If you let me know, I picked one up, so I can send you one.
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You know the rest. I'm going to be in Vegas in a week, and I'm super excited. I love it there. So anyway, if anyone wants any postcards or something, just let me know. Comments are screened so you can leave me your address. I promise not to stalk you. Maybe.
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I'm sure you all missed me. You may give me your love now.

The weekend was fantabulous. I babysat during the rehearsal dinner and made $50 doing it, so that pretty much rocked. The wedding the next day was nice. It was really good to see my family up there. My cousin looked beautiful in her dress. She cried and put the ring on the wrong hand, and it was adorable. My aunt cried too, but that's to be expected. I think she's cried at every wedding she's ever been to. I ate way too much and pretty much had a great time.

But there was sadness when I returned to my humble abode. My mom and I set the timer on our VCR to record our shows while we were gone, but WOE, when we returned we discovered that, like the total dorks we are, we forgot to put a tape in. So I have missed last weeks Dr. Who. I feel I may never recover.

I spent today catching up on the shows I did manage to tape.


Smallville )

West Wing )

House )
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I had to work tonight so I haven't watched Smallville or CSI yet. Although I decided my mom has become a true SV fan. When I got in the car she told me that she was so excited about the new episode, then she watched it and was so disappointed. It made me laugh. Oh, Smallville. What will I do with you?

Anyway, I'm going up to Seattle for my cousin's wedding. I'll be back on Sunday with lots of pictures. :) In the mean time, I leave you with the twelve characters meme. again.

1. John Sheppard (SGA)
2. Cameron Mitchell (SG1)
3. Chloe Sullivan (SV)
4. Sirius Black (HP)
5. Lex Luthor (SV)
6. Nick Stokes (CSI)
7. Samantha Carter (SG1)
8. Rodney McKay (SGA)
9. John Crichton (Farscape)
10. Wilson (House)
11. Greg Sanders (CSI)
12. Veronica Mars (VMars)

Don't click till you've got your characters. )
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On March 12 ABCFamily is showing The Cutting Edge 2. On the one hand, I can't believe they made a sequal to that movie and am slightly bothered by it. On the other hand, I know I'm going to watch it. I may need help.

The tickets are ordered and the hotel is booked. I'm going to be in Vegas June 24 through the 27. My mom and I are staying at the Flamingo. Who wants to meet us there and hang out? :)

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] cinderlily. I hope you have a great day.
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Hey guys. I just got back from a week house-sitting for my uncle and then another week at the beach with my family. If you posted anything in the last two weeks that you thing I'll want to see send it this way. I probably won't see it otherwise.

Housesitting was cool. My uncle has this crazy lab Mac and we went to the park and played frisbee everyday. And four cats. Smokey is an outdoor cat so I didn't really see him much. Penguin and Bambina are pretty much you're average cats. They bug you when they want food or attention and otherwise ignore you. Ian on the otherhand was the greatest cat ever, if only because I believe he may be the closest thing to a real life Garfield I will ever see. He's this huge fat orange striped cat, and he rarely moves. Well, thats not true. I just never see him move. He'll be sitting in his bed one minute then the next time I see him he'll be sitting on the vent. I think he teleports. Anyway, that week was fun and I made $125 out of it, so yay for me.

The beach was great. We stayed in this nice house in Lincoln City that was within walking distance to the beach (if you don't mind walking up a steep hill to get back) and the outlet mall. I took some pretty nice pictures on my digital camera so maybe I'll post some later. It was pretty cold there until our last two or three days there, but it was still fun.

In other news I had a job interview at Lens Crafters today. They'll be calling me by Wednesday to let me know what their decision is.

Also, since I haven't been on for a while, a meme:

Cybernetic Humanoid Responsible for Immediate Sabotage, Thorough Infiltration and Nocturnal Assassination

I think it describes me pretty well.


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