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*Everyone and their Uncle Bob has post this, but just in case you haven't seen them, these Doctor Who posters are AMAZING.

*The answer is Chuck Todd. The question is irrelevant.

*Do we have a start date for S5 of SGA? I'm going through withdrawls.

*My favorite meme!

1. Leave me a comment saying anything random, like your favorite lyric to your current favorite song. Or your favorite kind of sandwich. Something random. Whatever you like.
2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be asked, you will ask them five questions.

questions from thebloodyxxx )

*If I remember to do it I'll try to post my kitty pictures tomorrow.

Warm dang!

May. 29th, 2008 01:23 am
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Things making Christina happy lately:

+ Ashlee Wentz and confirmed WENTZLING!

+ Doctor Who spoilers and the wank. I hope they're true, but even if they aren't it will all have been worth it to see people freaking out. Oh the LULZ.

+ David Cook existing. (Seriously, I'm a little obsessed with listening to Always Be My Baby and Billie Jean OVER AND OVER AGAIN)

+ Stephen and Jon being back from their breaks. (Would President Bush have a hotdog with Stephen already? I was looking forward to a new word and there wasn't one. Yes, I am that sad.)

+ Prince Caspian and Indiana Jones

+ Ace McShane. (I can't believe I don't have any Ace icons. What is up with that?)

+ Bela is a giant dork and I love her to bits.

+ The fact that Countdown with Keith Olbermann now has video podcasts of the WHOLE SHOW!

+ I only had a 4 hour shift today, I'm off tomorrow and both Saturday and Sunday!

+ UNLIMITED RICE PUDDING! (*shrugs* I felt like I should have an even ten things)

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UGH! The internet is being so slow. There are things I want, but it's taking soooo long. I'll have my usual Wednesday stuff up once I'm done thinging the thing. I'm pretty sure I had something I actually wanted to talk about, but I don't remember what anymore.

How's everyone enjoying American Idol this season? I haven't watched any of it. Three hours a week is too much for me. Once it gets down to ten or so I'll probably start watching it.
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This post is all about the love.

Keith loves Dan the most. Like this was ever in doubt.

I kind of love Tony Snow, a little.

Joe Scarborough was laughing at his fighting guests and drinking Starbucks, yesterday. This is why I'm in love with him.

Anderson and Erica are lovely BFFs.

I love it when Simon flirts with winks at Ryan on American Idol.

I love that Jordin loves Mmmbop. *misses Amelia A LOT*

I love Chase's horrible tie/shirt combos

I love Evil Cun...ning women. More importantly, so does House.

I love Mini!McKay.

Foreman's lavender scrubs are love.

General Jon and Stephen love. Especially Stephen's laser eyes!
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I'd just like to state for the record, that my love is deep for Ryan Seacrest.


Hi, Demetri Martin! I like you!
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One non-spoilery thing about American Idol. I love how Jordin was like this gorgeous giant Amazon woman compared to itty bitty Ryan Seacrest last night.

Quick House question )

ETA: Am I the only one who kind of has a crush on Mr. Bennet?
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My mom just thought Teri Hatcher was Michael Jackson. Hee
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American Idol, you are DEAD to me. DEAD.
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I don't know if I just don't care about American Idol anymore, or if it's the people on the show this season, but I just don't get that excited about the show anymore.

And the ship meme. I feel like I should say that just because I don't like your ship, doesn't mean I don't like you. Don't hate me.
The shipping meme )
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Please tell me I'm not the only one who thought that woman looked exactly like Joan Collins. When she got out of the car I was all excited because I thought it would be AWESOME if Joan Collins was a bitchy judge, but then it wasn't her, and I was sad.
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OMG! I Can't believe Chris won American Idol!!!

Just let me live in peace. Please.
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Yes, I spent a ridiculous amount of time voting for Kat. Yes, you may defriend me now. But really don't. I love you. Just not more than I love Kat.

I want House, Cuddy, and Wilson to run off together and have lots of babies. They can be the bestest dysfunctional family evar! If that can't happen then I just want them to all have fun sex together all the time. Just clinic patients and fun sexing.

In other TV news, Veronica Mars, Smallville, and Gilmore Girls are safe. Which is good. If they hadn't been renewed, and I was forced to mourn them while frelling Seven Heaven was still on the air, I would have found everyone who worked for CW and hurt them. A lot. In very creative ways. Possibly involving potato peelers. I can still do that for you guys if Supernatural hasn't been renewed. I don't watch it, but I'm all for helping out my flist with their needs.
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Oh Paula. Your drunken antics never fail to amuse me.

I wish I could quit you (This weeks House) )
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I fucking love her. AI spoilers )

House )

Can I whine about Lost for just a minute as well? I put in my tape for last weeks episode and got all excited because I saw Wayne Pygram's name as a guest star. I was all, "Rock on. Scorpius! Woot." Then the tape frelling stopped about 20 minutes in and I never got to see him. All the more reason to get TIVO man.
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What the Idols are going to sing tomorrow night.

Oh, it's going to be a spectacular train wreck. I can't wait.
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American Idol )

I was bored today, and at my computer, so you all get more of my wonderful art.

Smallville: My dream come true )

Since Alias is coming back on soon I thought I'd do this: Everything you'll ever need to know about Alias )

The pictures are kind of big, just to warn you.
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Fucking Jesus... )

Also, please tell me I'm not the only person who thinks Chris, Katherine and Ace should have a threesome.
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Oh the manpain. It burns )

This is more like it )

Has anyone seen The Jerk? Taylor Hicks totally dances like Steve Martin in that. I love it. And Chris and Ace are still hotter than the sun.
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I watch American Idol and I just have to say that Ace Young is so my favorite. Followed closely by Chris. And Katharine McPhee. But Ace. Man. He make my ovaries sing. A dirty porny song. I love him in Not Safe for Work ways. I told my mom that i wanted a poster of him to put up on my wall. He turned me into a 13 year old girl. I don't know what to make of this. I'm going to be like some crazy Claymate, but with Ace. It's going to be disgusting. I'm just warning you all now.

I finally watched Grey's Anatomy )

Who knows where I can get a good George icon?

Dr. Who starts on the Sci-Fi channel in March. I can't wait.


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