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OMG! GUYS! Dan and Casey Dan and Keith are going to be back together! *snoopy dance*

“I’m delighted to be reunited with my tag team partner.  I can’t stop Dan Patrick from working with me again, I can only hope to contain him.”

Oh, Keith.

(I should probably fix my Dan Patrick tag now...)

Warm dang!

May. 29th, 2008 01:23 am
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Things making Christina happy lately:

+ Ashlee Wentz and confirmed WENTZLING!

+ Doctor Who spoilers and the wank. I hope they're true, but even if they aren't it will all have been worth it to see people freaking out. Oh the LULZ.

+ David Cook existing. (Seriously, I'm a little obsessed with listening to Always Be My Baby and Billie Jean OVER AND OVER AGAIN)

+ Stephen and Jon being back from their breaks. (Would President Bush have a hotdog with Stephen already? I was looking forward to a new word and there wasn't one. Yes, I am that sad.)

+ Prince Caspian and Indiana Jones

+ Ace McShane. (I can't believe I don't have any Ace icons. What is up with that?)

+ Bela is a giant dork and I love her to bits.

+ The fact that Countdown with Keith Olbermann now has video podcasts of the WHOLE SHOW!

+ I only had a 4 hour shift today, I'm off tomorrow and both Saturday and Sunday!

+ UNLIMITED RICE PUDDING! (*shrugs* I felt like I should have an even ten things)

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I've been slacking on my Special Comment duties. I know I missed one. Stupid work. I'm just pleased that they're podcasting the whole show on video now. That way I can see it if work interferes.

You can find the transcript here. I'll post one to my journal once I find one that's easier to copy and paste.

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Remember that Lost/BSG thing I put up last week? Well, in honor of BSG starting OMG TOMORRROW and Doctor Who starting on Saturday(Oh, holy shit, I just realized I'm housesitting for my aunt and uncle. I hope I can get internet there), I give you a BSG/Doctor Who opening.


And this has nothing to do with what I just posted, but you should click this link if you've ever wanted to see Keith Olbermann in a tiara.

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OH, Keith. Musto? Really? I thought we were done with him. You are lucky Rachel looked smashing and was her lovely self tonight. She really did look fabulous. She made me blush.
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Keith had a Special Comment today. That's how I know he loves me.


Now, as promised, a Special Comment.

A part of what I will say, was said here on January 31st.

Unfortunately it is both sadder and truer now, than it was, then.

“Who’s to blame?” Mr. Bush also said this afternoon, “Look, these folks in Congress passed a good bill late last summer… The problem is, they let the bill expire. My attitude is: if the bill was good enough then, why not pass the bill again?” )

PS: Unrelated to the Special Comment, has anyone else noticed that the number two story the last few nights has been Worst Persons? Is Keith doing away with Keeping Tabs? I know I wouldn't mind.
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Here are a few icons inspired by the awesome Obama video and the wallpaper [livejournal.com profile] slodwick made today.

And I made a couple of Keith Olbermann icons that I thought I'd throw out there in case someone wants to grab one.


ETA: Am I the only person who's geekily excited about Extra Super Duper Tuesday?
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And finally, as promised, a Special Comment — of FISA and the telecoms.

In a presidency of hypocrisy - an administration of exploitation... )

Good night and good luck.
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Guys! OMG! I went to BBC America OnDemand to see if they had any new Coupling episodes and found that they put the first three episodes of the second series of Life On Mars up! WOO! *licks Gene Hunt* Not that Sam Tyler isn't totally awesome, but Gene is Gene. And pwns everyone in his path.

Randomly, do you want to know what happens when you spend all day watching MSNBC, CNN, Fake news, and Conan, and eat a bunch of cheese before you go to bed? You have fucked up dreams. That's what.

In the first one, I was in some gay German disco (thanks Conan!) with a friend and got really excited because I saw Jon and Stephen there. And honest to God, Stephen was in a mesh tank top and leather pants. In the second one I was Chris Matthews (that means it qualifies as nightmare, right?). And I was sitting with Keith doing primary coverage, but Keith's phone kept going off. Finally I stole it from him and he was getting dirty text messages from Anderson Cooper.

Now, I have two problems with these dreams. One, I WAS CHRIS MATTHEWS! And two, I have a dream that involves mesh tank tops and leather pants and Anderson is in the other one. EPIC FAIL brain. Epic fail.
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And this is what is says about the January 18th episode... (SPOILERS) )

Whatever, there's only an hour until MSNBC starts their Primary coverage, so I need to see if I can take over the TV for the rest of the day. *shakes fist* Damn you Comcast. You've made it VERY DIFFICULT for me to enjoy my program.
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Reason #6,789 why I love Keith Olbermann, he can work Remington Steele into his Special Comment.

Complete transcript under the cut )

Damn, I really need to get a Keith icon.
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AHAHAHA! OMG, you guys. This video is fantastic!

And as a special Sunday Bonus the last segment from Friday's Countdown! Storytime with Keith Olbermann )


Nov. 5th, 2007 03:57 pm
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Just so everyone knows tonight is a Special Comment night on Countdown. I'll post a youtube link when there's one up. :)
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I watched approximately nine bajillion episodes of QI yesterday. I quite fancy Alan Davies. And now you can tell I've been watching too much British television because I just said I 'quite fancy' someone. Anyway, I've always loved Stephen Fry, he's stupendous. And Alan Davies is adorable and I'd like to take one home with me.

I also watched the first three episodes of The Horns of Nimon. It is the most best serial ever, and if you say otherwise I will BANNINATE you FOREVER.

I'm gonna watch the last episode when I get home from work. I also need to watch Chuck and Heroes as I didn't get to watch them yesterday. :( And I need to watch The Mind Robber because [livejournal.com profile] parrotfish mentioned it and it is fabulous. THE DOCTOR WRITES FANFICTION.

I missed Countdown last night, but they put How To Talk To Bill O'Reilly's Stalker Producer In A Way That Guarantees The Interview Doesn't Get On The Air up on the website. You should check it out.

And DAN'S BACK! You can stream his show here. 9-12 Eastern. It's a little early for me on the west coast, so I grab the podcast. YAY DAN! I need to change my Dan tag. :(


Sep. 21st, 2007 10:35 pm
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Joel McHale, I love you. He ended the episode saying he was glad Keith was doing better after his "appendix swelled like O'Reilly's head and popped."

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YAY! Keith is back! And he has a Special Comment! It is good to see you again, sir.
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Keith was on The Soup! He did a Special Comment on Lindsay and Britney. It was pretty funny. If you can find a repeat, you should check it out. It isn't until the very end, so if you don't want to actually watch The Soup, just turn it on for the last five minutes or so.*

*I am not responsible for any harm you may come to if you see the segment on Baby Wee-Wee.

I still don't have a Keith icon. What is up with that? Here, have Anderpants and Ryan Seacrest being dorks.


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