Nov. 14th, 2008 11:57 pm
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For serious, I love these two more than is healthy for a person.

She proved to be quite educated about the show, avoiding the obvious questions and even asking one that produced a story fans have never been told publicly: How did he and Jon Stewart meet?

Stephen had already been a correspondent under the Craig Kilborn regime for a few years, when Jon was hired as the new host. Comedy Central held a press conference to announce it and to show Jon off to the media. Stephen was in the TDS offices, and thought “hey, shouldn’t we be covering this press conference?”. So he grabbed a camera guy and a mic and headed down there. He acted like a real reporter, asking Jon questions starting with “yes, Jon, Stephen Colbert from the Daily Show….” One of the questions was “Stephen Colbert, Daily Show. I was told that I was in the running for the hosting job.” Without missing a beat, Jon turned to the president of Comedy Central and stage-whispered “you told me he wasn’t funny”.

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OMG! I woke up this morning and someone had given me this! It's Jon and Stephen picketing and it is SO WONDERFUL. *hugs anonymous FOREVER* Go read it!
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So, the power cord for my laptop died. AGAIN. That's the second one to die since I got my computer in March. I looked at the customer comments on the website and apparently this is a common problem. Yay me. At least it's still under warranty so Dell will send me a new one. They usually ship pretty fast, so hopefully I'll have it by Saturday. I probably won't get it until Monday though. So if you want to know why I'm not around, that's why.

Here are somethings that have kept me pleasantly entertained while at work.

Pacey and Joey are OTP FOREVER AND EVER!



And I really did spend most of my morning watching Dawson's Creek clips.

ZOMG! Castaways is the BEST EPISODE EVAR!

Everyone should spend time watching Joey/Pacey clips

It makes me feel all warm and squishy inside.

In non-Dawson's Creek related news, I would watch a porn starting Pudgy Midway.

And Stephen Colbert brings joy and light into my life.
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And a headache. D:

Stephen is adorable in USAToday "First of all, I didn't write it. I dictated it. I shouted it into a tape recorder, and then I gave it to my agent."

The Daily Show is getting video archives. Pretty cool!


Two icon posts in one week! Will wonders never cease? A few days ago [ profile] kueble gave us all lovely picspam of Keltie Colleen. For those of you who don't know, Keltie is Ryan Ross' girlfriend. And she's absolutely adorable. I got bored and made icons.

Preview: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

See all 20 over here.
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I did one of those give me a letter and I'll tell you 10 things I like that start with that letter meme, but I don't remember who gave me the letter. Anyway, they gave me S. If you want a letter let me know.

1. [ profile] schtroumph_c, [ profile] scrunchy, [ profile] shanananon, [ profile] shansgrl, [ profile] slodwick, [ profile] smidgy06, [ profile] smittywing, [ profile] specter_13, [ profile] splits_thesky, [ profile] stolenglimpse, [ profile] storydivagirl, [ profile] strifechaos, [ profile] suchthefangirl, and [ profile] supatwee - you all are fabulous and I love you! *hugs*

2. Stargate - I was going to list Sam Carter and Sheppard, John separately, but I decided just to lump them both under the giant Stargate banner. I love both shows. They're dorky and cracktastic and never afraid to mock themselves.

3. Stephen Colbert - *pets Stephen* The control he has over his audience is horribly frightening sometimes. That has nothing to do with my deep love for him, but I felt like saying it.

4. Stewart, Jon - If my love for Stephen is deep, my love for Jon is the Grand Canyon the Mariana Trench of love. Jon is... just so Jon.

5. Spencer Smith - He's so adorable and Spencer-y. I want to crawl into his lap and cuddle him. Also, HIIIIIIPS.

6. Stump, Patrick - Thiiiiiiighs.

7. Sam Winchester - Sometimes my love for Dean is so overwhelming that I forget about how much I love Sammy. But I do love Sam. And his giant hands and his big nose. Gay bear!Sam is ♥

8. Seventh Doctor - Why don't more people love Seven? I demand an explanation for this bullshit! He can't stand burnt toast! Or unrequited love. What happened to that? *clings to Seven*

9. Star Trek - I've been watching Star Trek forever. I think I probably watched it in the womb. It's a part of me. I love them all. Except for Enterprise. But even then, I can't bring myself to totally hate it. (But don't tell my mom that. I will never let her know that there are parts of it I don't hate)

10. Sweaters - I love sweaters. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. Mostly because I like the clothes.


I posted some Patches icons earlier.

Preview: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

You can see the rest here.
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HAHAHA! Oh man. It's a lot of fun to put celebrity names into the ANAGRAMER!

For instance:

Anderson Cooper: Coarsened Porno, A Cornered Snoop, A Censored Porno, Nor Capered Soon, Creased On Porno, Dance Poorer Son, Rope Dancer Soon, Cared Ones Porno... okay, you get the idea. I just really like all the porno ones.

Keith Olbermann: Terminable Honk, Anklebone Mirth, Bleaker Moth Inn (Not someplace I'd stay), Him Knot Enabler, Hot Mink Enabler, Or Thinkable Men, Nor Helm Beatnik, Hi Trek Nobleman, Ramble One Think... I really like Anklebone Mirth and I'm not sure why.

Jon Stewart: Jaws Rotten, Jars Not Wet, Rant To Jews, Tan Jews Rot, At Wrens Jot (I don't know what a 'jot' is, just Wren has one), Aw Jet Snort,

Stephen Colbert: Blotch Pretense, Top Tern Belches, Benches Pert Lot, Stop Lent Breech, Enter Belch Post, Berth Colts Peen... Oh, Peen.

David Tennant: Invent Dad Tan, Vend and Taint... okay David's wasn't very interesting.

Freema Agyeman: Manage Rye Fame, Any Meager Fame, Agree Many Fame, Gay Enema Frame, Yearn Mega Fame, Gayer Fame Name, Fear Gamey Name, Gay Fem Men Area, Ye Manage Me Afar

George Bush: Grubs Ego Eh, Her Ego Bugs, Uh Begs Gore, He Bugs Gore

David Hewlett: Hit Dad Twelve, Hi Twaddle Vet, Wild Vet Death, Waved Tit Held, DWELT THE DIVA (OMG, my favorite), That Devil Wed, That Lewd Dive

Joe Flaningan: Of Ninja Angel, Inane Flan Jog, Ego Flan Ninja, Enjoin Fan Gal, Gonna Jail Fen (HEE), A Glen Of Ninja, Anal Fen Jog In... okay, there are a lot of Flan ones.

I am Lord Voldemort: Maim Overlord Dolt, A Mild Tom Overlord

I cant STOP. I keep adding more names. Someone take my internet!
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So... Last night I had a dream that Seven, Nine, and Ten were judges on an American Idol type show. And obviously Keith and Stephen had to be there, singing "I Got You Babe." They were so horrible that Seven rode out of there on a cow. It was all very disturbing, and I had to share my dismay.

A couple of links:

Need a chain mail shirt?

I need someone to give me $200 and a video iPod. (Go to the additional images page. It made me giggle)

And just because I warped you mind with my bizarro American Idol cow dream, I give you the awesomeness of D.Hew )
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That was me. Loudly proclaiming my undying love for Stephen Colbert.

You may now continue with your business.
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So, yesterday was crappy. Well, the day went fine. It was last night that sucked. I have an agreement with my sisters that I'll leave the TV in the family room alone during the day if I can have it from 10 till midnight.

I'm up in my room, watching TV or something in there and it's 9:55 so I unplug my laptop and head downstairs. I plug it in, and nothing happens. So at some point between when I unplugged it in my room, and plugging it in downstairs, something broke. I can't get the plug to work. And the battery only lasts about 2 hours, so I don't want to use my laptop unless I have too. Needless to say, I'm extremely annoyed and pissed.

It doesn't help that Anderson's whole freaking show was about Paris Hilton. Way make my night even more annoying, Anderpants. You're ON NOTICE, too.

Jon and Stephen at least made me feel better, by being funny and adorable. Also, Dan and Keith were fantastic and they actually switched seats half way through, and I love them lots. And Dave called one of them Dan Olbermann, but I wasn't looking at the screen so I don't know which one. I'm going to assume it was Dan, and he and Keith got married. Because that thought makes me happy.

ZOMG! This news almost makes everything better.
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OH. MY. GOD. Best Colbert Report since Singin' In Korean. Amazing.
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My dad loves me! He brought home this strawberry shortcake dessert thing. But it's like strawberry shortcake x 1,000,000 on the yummy scale. The cake has some sort of cream cheese filling and there's chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate sauce on top. It's like the greatest thing of all time. And I'm pretty sure I gained 5 lbs eating it, and it's so good, I don't even care. Also, there's a bit of a sugar high going on. WHHEEEE!

OH MY GOD. Paul Rudd rocks my world.

ETA: That Colbert guy is pretty good too. GOD MACHINE!
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Since [ profile] triptnx did Anderspam a couple of weeks ago (last week? I'm losing track of time), I thought I'd do some Stephen spam. Not that he needs anymore love, he gets tons, but I do have a bunch of Stephen pics on my harddrive and I thought I should share. Anyway, I'd love to credit where I got these from, but I have no clue. And they're all saved under things like "Stephen is a hotass", "Look at my crotch", and "I'd like to bone Stephen", so not much help there. Just assume I got them from wonkyear or by using my all powerful google-fu.

Around 40 pictures here and some of them are pretty big, so beware! )

And, on top of the wonderful pictures, I give you links to some interviews I find enjoyable.

My favorite interview ever. Amy Sedaris is excellent!

Joe Scarborough. Find out whether he ever took money from Jack Abramoff.

Yeah, like I wasn't going to include Keith

I have mentioned before that I have a crush on Reza Aslan. Here's his interview with Stephen.

Stephen's interview with Bradley Whitford that I am in no way including because of my GIANT crush on him.

And of course, Anderson.
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OMG! Anderson Cooper and Erica Hill were talking about The Wonder Twins! They are too cute together. I would like to run away with the two of them. Perhaps some place tropical.

Guys, my love for Jon will never die. The overalls? The Jew-fro? THAT SHIRT!? He's awesome squared. He's the president of The Island of Awesome. John Oliver can join me on the island.

I like Reza Aslan. He's smart. And cute. He can also come to the island.

Hee. TOSS! *hearts wavey Stephen*

OH HOLY GOD! Stephen! That is the most excellent music video I have EVER SEEN! I want to watch it every day. If Jon is the president of The Island of Awesome, you can totally be the Prime Minister. Stephen Colbert, Prime Minister of AWESOME!
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Sorry if this is spammy, but DUDE. That was the most bizarre interview I've ever seen.
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"I knew he was a fuckin' robot." THEY DIDN'T BLEEP IT! Oh, Daily Show. I love it when the swear words get missed.

Toss! You're so much better when you aren't pre-taped.

What the hell is your book about? Hee, Stephen. ENVIROPORN!
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I missed SG1 because I was shopping with my mom and sister. But I got pretty things, so it's okay.

I got this top. But I got it in blue, which isn't one of the choices online.

And I got this necklace But not the earrings. And this necklace.

I also got a bra and some panties, but you don't really need to see those. Unless you want to. *leers at flist*

Then I met up with Caity and my mom at the bookstore. I almost made it out without buying anything, but Caity insisted on looking at the magazines. And Stephen's GQ cover was just staring at me. The creepy baby was all, "BUUUUUYYYY MEEEEE" in it's creepy baby voice. You have to obey the creepy baby when it orders you to do things. So I bought it. But now I'm afraid the baby may come to life and eat me in my sleep. If I don't post tomorrow you all know why.
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You are looking at (reading the journal of?) the proud owner of TWO PINTS of Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream. That's right. I found it. And it is delicious. It's like a flavor party in my mouth.

It tastes like freedom, my friends. Freedom.
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When you see this on your flist, make a post and quote Supernatural in your journal.

Dean: Planes crash, Sam!
Sam: And apparently clowns kill!


Oh, Ed Helms

You all want to know why my mom rocks? She was at the Safeway by my house yesterday and she called me to ask what the name of that ice cream was I wanted to see if she could find it. And since there wasn't any there, today we're going to stop by another Safeway that the Ben and Jerry's website swears has it. AND if they don't have it, tomorrow we'll go to Alberton's. It's pretty out of the way, but damn, I want some Americone Dream. My mom loves me and understands my need for delicious Stephen-ness. I can tell you right now, if I find it, I'm buying every damn pint in the store.
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Oh God, Stephen. I missed you so much.


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